Spirit Crystal Andara


The Spirit Crystal Andara is a rare and exquisite crystal.  It is a fusion of diamond-sharp crystal clear Andara, combined with the opaqueness of the pristine white hues.  These remarkable stones possess a beauty that transcends the physical realm. They appear to be deeply attended to our spiritual needs, offering profound insights and guidance in these crucial times.

Spirit Crystal Andaras hold an exceptional power, drawing from the spiritual realm. They excel in sifting through the chaos of our lives, identifying what is essential for our soul's growth and evolution. Their influence extends into the physical realm, notably purifying and activating the Third Eye chakra.

In a world where many struggle with clouded intuition, these Andaras act as spiritual cleansers. They target areas like the jaw, skull, crown, eye sockets, and the physical eyes. The result is a heightened sense of clarity and focus, akin to the brilliance of a flawless diamond. In this way, they guide us towards a path of absolute clarity, ensuring that we can navigate life's journey with unwavering precision and purpose.

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Scalar Activation

Scalar Activation is a process that these entities requested. The aim is to amplify their natural capacity to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material realms. They wished to undergo this activation to enhance their potential in terms of clarifying, intensifying, eliminating obstructions, magnifying, harmonizing, and synchronizing the astral and physical planes. The ultimate goal of this activation is to facilitate the unimpeded flow of cosmic love and energy between these realms.

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Light Body Activators


Note the lines, and more especially the space between the lines, on this LBA

When I initially received information about this Andara, I had a vision of clear andara with definite stripes of opaque white. The information received was that the clear space between the white was the most important aspect. On seeing what was available in clear and white Andaras, I began receiving insights that we needed to have a number of Light Body Activators fashioned from this particular variety of Andara.

Upon seeing these creations made up, an immediate revelation occurred. It became evident that certain future guardians would recognize these Andaras as the coordinates for their own personal Stargate. These guardians would not only identify their matching Andara but also possess the knowledge of how to effectively engage with them. 

There are other Spirit Crystal Light Body Activators that do not contain these stripes, and I was assured they were also designed for specific guardians. Some have even given us information on how to work with them to maximize their abilities. 

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