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Welcome to our Online Store!

If you are looking for peace of mind you are in the right place when dealing with Andara Lovers.


What we do

A Premium Supplier of Andaras

We have worked hard to collect some of the best Andaras from around this amazing planet. Our selection, quality, knowledge & extremely competitive pricing makes us a premium supplier of Andaras, and Andara related products. We work closely with our suppliers & independent miners around the world to ensure we access ethically sourced stones….’Direct from the source’

Who we are

Introducing Sandy & Charmaine

Hi, I am Sandra Judd (Sandy) - on the right, long time Crystal Lover, Liquid Crystal Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Intuitive Counsellor, psychic and medium.

And on the left is my friend and soul-sister, Charmaine Harries (Charms), who comes from KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. Charmaine is also a long time Crystal Lover, Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Feng Shui Consultant, Body Alignment and Vortex Healing Practitioner, and possess a natural gift for the healing arts.

About 15 years ago, without knowing each other, our respective journey's lead us individually Gold Coast, me from chilly Victoria, and Charmaine from Tropical Durban, S Africa.  It was at this time Charmaine and I met, and we formed a strong friendship that spans time and distance.


The Home of Andaras

Australia's specialist on-line retailer of Monatomic Andara Crystals.

We welcome you to the Andara Lovers store, where we take the time and effort to find some of the most beautiful and unique Andaras possible.

Monatomic Andara Crystals are the highest vibrational crystals available. They are very much like obsidian glass which has been naturally formed when extreme heat caused by volcanoes, meteor strikes etc have been applied to soil. The difference with Andaras and obsidian, is that the soil where Andaras are found contains Etherium, which has over 70 monatomic metal elements.

It is these monatomic metallic elements that make them different to all other crystals, natural glass and especially man made glass. They are generally coated with this powdered soil when found.


Andaras often exhibit colour or shape changes, transmission of information, and many other esoteric properties. They naturally occur in a rainbow of colours, depending on the trace elements present in the soil where they are found.
They can be used to clear and cleanse all other crystals. They are masters of cleansing their home environment and are especially beneficial for use in healing sessions.

It has been well documented that Andaras are found in America, Africa and Indonesia, and Andaras from these areas have already been seeded around the earth. The Andaras from these three countries at this point in time interest us the most. Indonesian pieces are becoming more readily available, and their colour range seems to have expanded greatly in recent times.


Andara Discovery

Lady Nellie

Andaras were first found in the US on land occupied by an Indian medicine woman known as Lady Nellie in 1969, and recognised by a psychic in the early 1980's. Many channellings and much research later, they eventually became available in the early 2000's.

They have been growing in popularity as they are recognised more and more by the ever expanding spiritual community. When many people initially see Andaras, they assume them to be glass - UNTIL they do some inner work and raise their own vibration. Then, and only then, does the magic begin. For Charmaine and I, we saw photographs that suddenly seemed to cause downloads of information and knowledge.

For each person it is different. Many people will only ever see glass and wonder what all the fuss is about! Although a few in the Andara community believe the only ‘authentic’ Andaras are from Lady Nellie's land in the US, the Andaras have always conveyed to us they will be found in the future in many countries, and many areas, although the three main countries will always be the most important. 

Distinct and Different Energy

Pieces from the US, Africa, Indonesia and more recently Egypt.

We personally have collected and worked closely with pieces from America, Africa, Indonesia and more recently Egypt. Each has very distinct and different energy, which we will go into in the future. From our personal experience none is 'better than' or 'lesser than' another. They are simply different, the same way we are all different, and yet the same. They each have their own agenda and purpose in our lives.

Each has different strengths and preferences when used in healings, some are more subtle and unobtrusive than others, in the same way some humans are gentler and more unobtrusive than others, and some are louder and chattier. The one thing we suggest to anyone thinking of obtaining their own Andara is to find the one that you instantly connect with.....buy with your heart the one you feel you can't (or would rather not) live without.

From our experience the one you connect with will almost haunt you! Many dream of a piece, and then have to search to find it. I know I have often been woken in the middle of the night and told which sites to look at. Andaras always have a way of getting through! Please take your time gazing at the images of our pieces and look at our Andara Lovers Instagram and Facebook pages, as we often add activations and information.  

Above all, please take the time to enjoy every moment of your Andara adventure. Andaras can become quite an investment, and they really prefer to be working hand in hand with their guardian rather than being left on a shelf.


Our shop is for the healers, adventurers and crystal lovers who have raised their own vibration levels to the point that Andaras are able to communicate freely and easily with them. These are our kind of people.

Many blessings from two major Andara Lovers,
Sandy & Charmaine