The Importance of Bio-Scalar Energy

Electricity is an integral part of nature and one of the most utilized energy forms. It pervades our world, including our bodies, playing a crucial role in human survival.

Our cells are specialized conductors of electrical currents vital for the nervous system to transmit signals, enabling movement, cognition, and emotion. Every living cell naturally generates bio-scalar energy, creating an 'Aura' around us.

What Disrupts our Energy Field?

However, numerous aspects of modern life can disrupt this energy field.  These include dietary choices to personal care products and the influence of artificial electronic waves, exemplified by 5G mobile phones. Such disruptions can significantly affect our health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Scalar Energy

Scalar energy, first conceptualized by James Maxwell in 1873 and later demonstrated by Nikola Tesla, is generated electronically, magnetically, physically, biologically, or optically. It arises from the collision of two identical frequencies traveling from opposite directions, creating a static, or scalar, energy field. Some refer to this as 'Zero Point Energy.' This field harmonizes our energy system, facilitating repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration.

Scalar Energy possesses unique properties

  • Non-linearity: It's not measurable by conventional frequency instruments.
  • Non-Hertzian: It doesn't radiate like traditional waves but expands outward in energy circles.
  • Unbounded: It passes through solid matter without intensity loss.
  • Information Carrier: It transmits information over distance without decay.
  • Infinite Regeneration: It perpetually regenerates and repairs.
  • Imprinting: It can imbue its signature into solid objects.

The Health Benefits of harnessing Scalar energy are profound

  • Reducing Inflammation: Alleviates inflammation within the body.
  • Preventing Cell Clumping: Discourages cellular aggregation.
  • Enhancing Circulation: Improves general circulation, strengthening the immune and endocrine systems.
  • Cellular Nutrition: Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification.
  • Increased Permeability: Augments cellular permeability.
  • Elevating Voltage Potential: Raises cellular voltage potential.
  • Protection from EMF: Strengthens the body's resistance to electromagnetic interference.
  • Mental Clarity: Enhances mental focus and concentration.
  • DNA Protection: Safeguards DNA from damage.
  • Anti-Aging: Slows down the aging process.


Bio-scalar energy is a potent force that resonates within us and the natural world. Understanding and harnessing it can have profound implications for our health and well-being, protecting us from the disruptions of modern life and promoting vitality.

Scalar Infused Objects

As stated earlier, one of the properties of Scalar energy is that its frequency/signature can be infused into solid objects, and this frequency/signature remains with the object indefinitely.

We at Andara Lovers, are great believers in the use of scalar energy and the many beneficial uses it provides. This is why we infuse many products with scalar energy, including andaras, oils, sprays, and jewellery.

  • Our Range of ‘frequency’ based products - see link

Interestingly, Andaras are the one crystal that actually radiate this frequency rather than just absorb it. We believe this allows for an added energy shield, radiating around the wearer of these pieces.

To understand a little more about bio scalar energy this link may help.