Rainbow Andaras and Songlines

Sometime ago, we ordered a new variety of Andaras from our supplier. They were known as Rainbow Andaras. This early variety of Rainbow Andaras exhibited every colour of the rainbow, while some others were predominantly Amber, Brown and deep Purple. These ones relayed to us that even though they displayed few colours, they actually held the vibration of every colour of the rainbow.

Waiting patiently…

In due course, many of them had sold, and yet there was a selection of them that said they were waiting patiently for ‘the right time’ before they would find their guardians. We had no idea what that meant. What we did know, was that we would only ever find out in ‘Andara time’. We also knew they had a very important task to perform. At that time they gave no hint of what their task was.


For some reason, their rich, earthy Amber colour reminded me of the deep colours that are so reminiscent of Uluru. Formerly known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is a very famous Australian sandstone rock structure situated in an incredibly isolated section of Central Australia. It has huge spiritual energy, and is revered by our First Nations people as a place of major cultural importance. The Purple colour within these stones is reminiscent of the deepest hue of Amethyst crystals, see here

The Songline Connection

It was perhaps a couple of years later I was watching a fascinating interview by an English gentleman named Charlie Ward. In it, he was chatting with an Indigenous Elder, who was known as Aunty Mulara, (now referred to as Grandmother Mulara). I had been following her on social media for quite a while, so I listened with interest to the interview.

Rainbows and Songlines

As the interview progressed the penny dropped, and the Rainbow Andara and Songline connection finally fell into place for me. In this amazing interview, there was mention of Indigenous Elders consciously creating new songlines which resonated to the energy of Amethyst.

Gandmother Mulara also mentioned that, since the Elders finally had the structure of the Songlines in place, they would appreciate all assistance with amplifying the Amethyst energy needed to bring strength to the Songlines. Link to the full interview is here, around the 30 minute mark is the discussion on the songlines, and how we can help.

What is a Songline?

A songline, also called dreaming track, is one of the paths across the land (or sometimes the sky) within the animist belief systems of the Aboriginal cultures of Australia which mark the route followed by localised "creator-beings" in the Dreaming. These routes serve as crucial connections between individuals and their ancestral lands, carrying intricate geographical, mythological, and cultural information.

Link to more detailed information on Songlines here

Upon listening to this amazing interview, I understood that these unusual Andaras were waiting patiently with us to assist in clearing the fear and anger that had been gripping people and the energy of the earth, beginning right here in Australia.

Grid workers

We were certain grid workers were ready to amplify and anchor powerful energies. These energies needed to wake up some of the population that are oblivious to what was occurring in the world.

On examining stock, certain pieces communicated their readiness to perform this task, so we took them out of stock. Charmaine dowsed and determined the frequency to activate within them. It was Solfeggio Frequency 396, which is relates to dissolving fear. 

The Andaras requested that we form a grid to honour the rainbow serpent, which we did on 2/2/22, using these early Rainbow Andaras that felt so connected to Uluru. We used the newer, very pretty variety of Rainbow Andaras to outline the shape of the Rainbow Serpent. We also activated our remaining stock of these pendants.

We included amethysts into the grid, playing music, meditating, and sending energy through the waterways to anchor earth, water, sky to send and amplify into the Songlines.