Pet Products

You may be wondering why we have included Pet Frequency Products into our range, since we are first and foremost an Andara shop.The thing is, when you have Andaras around the home, your family pet also has a vibrational shift, and so deserves to be treated like the valued family member he or she is.


As many of you will be aware, my little dog Pixie has been here since my first Andara arrived. She has always liked to introduce herself to every new piece, then sleep next to them while they rest in the garden. Consequently she is a lot more sensitive than many pets, and reacts very well to high-vibrational products containing Andara energy.

Emergency Drops: 

One of the first products we made was our Emergency Drops, a must-have in every pet home. Within a few days we got to see it at work.

We were out at a cafe and Pixie was attacked by a big dog. She instantly withdrew and went into shock. Naturally the first thing I did was get her home and  dose her with some of the emergency drops we had just made. (This is done by giving a 3 drop dose, either into the mouth, in the food or water, or rubbed into the scruff of the neck.)

These are a similar idea to the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, with a number of additions including our ReSet program, Andara energy and many other programs we decided would be highly beneficial in various emergency situations. 

Just a few 3 drop doses and the pet calms down. Keep dosing until it has started working, it can do no harm.

Foster Dogs:

I dog sit and foster dogs for a rescue regularly, and there are often occasions when I use these Emergency drops to help settle a frightened new arrival. Perhaps its a dog petrified by thunder, or here to rest, recover and recoup before being put up for adoption. I always give them to a new arrival to help them settle here, and at the same time, treat Pixie, as her home is invariably disrupted by a new arrival.

My current foster, Archie, absolutely adores the andaras that are activated to the  Atlantis Stargate. He is often to be found sleeping with the piece I am currently working with!

ReSet Pet

When we developed the ReSet range - which is amazing for re-booting the body back to its healthiest state -  naturally we wanted to do the same for pets. We made a pet version to deal with specific issues an animal has to deal with. These can be taken orally, or sprayed on the coat. It's often a great idea to spray pets before taking them out in public.


This is our Shampoo specifically for dogs. It is scalar activated to our ReSet program, its organic, its gentle, and it works. We did the pump bottles in pink and white. There is also a 100ml pump bottle available. 


Detox drops:

The Detox drops are to help dogs detox from the negative effects of any immunisations, and to remove the effect of medications or vaccines taken by humans they may meet. Dogs often can react to their puppy shots, so it is great to remove the toxic effects of these from the system.

Dogs that come from rescues are vaccinated as a standard practice, and are also neutered prior to adoption. It is beneficial to detox from the after effects of the anaesthetic used during these processes.

This detox remedy became much more necessary when humans were taking untested vaccines which emitted spike proteins. 

Pixie, like many dogs, has had reaction to certain foods particularly dry food, and so has occasionally required to have toxins cleared. 

Light Body Activators

When we developed our Light Body Activators, naturally Pixie was our animal test case...she tests the types of clips we use, and has helped us work out the one most suitable. 

We recently realised she had been wearing her little 2cm pink LBA for about 18 months. I hear it knock against her water and feed bowl all the time, and yet 18 months on and it remains unbroken! She seems to really enjoy wearing it too, it calms her and she remains a happy little soul.

Here is a link to our smaller Light Body Activators - just let us know if you would like a clip to attach to our pets collar or harness. 

We have also made a few small Andara pendants to hang from dog collars to test them out. They will be in the shop shortly.

Other products we have developed have come about for the same reason - just to offer our high-vibe pets the products they deserve and need. We are currently trialing flea and tick drops, as we are hearing of so many pets becoming ill from the chemicals in available treatments.

There are a number of different gift packs available that are perfect as a new puppy gift.  Like everything else, our range of products just keeps growing as we identify the need for additional products.

Here is a link to our Pet Product range Let us know if there are other products we can add!