African Andaras - The Power of the Bibis

 In our quest to uncover the essence of the African Andaras, we invite these mystical gems to introduce themselves.  They provide us with insights to share with Andara Lovers around the world.  The Bibis, as they prefer to be called, eagerly embraced this opportunity.  They offer us a glimpse into the unique realm of the power of the Bibis.

The name 'Bibis' carries a profound significance, as it translates to 'grandmother.' In their essence, the Bibis exude the nurturing qualities of a grandmother's love. Embracing us with warmth and affection, they maintain a steadfast resolve beneath the surface. They are here to guide us on our path to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

The Grandmother Archetype

The African Andaras embody the energy of the Grandmother archetype—nurturing yet resolute, loving yet disciplined. Their power and wisdom shines through their no-nonsense approach, especially when dealing with the darker green Andara pieces.

Among the messages of power they impart, the Bibis emphasize the triad of Love, Power, and Wisdom. They carry the flame of Power like no other Andara, urging us to wield this power with discernment and balance. They encourage us to use the lens of Wisdom and view everything through the eyes of Love. Prior to delving into the African Andara experience, they recommend acquainting ourselves with the Andaras from the United States (Wisdom) and Asia (Love).


These beings stand in stark contrast to Andaras from the US or Asia. Their visual allure may not be as dazzling, but their rugged appearance possesses a unique and enduring charm. Their initial mode of communication tends to be direct and succinct, often conveyed through concise words or profound feelings, always emanating from a place of love and compassion.

Once again, you achieve the most potent results by combining a transparent African Andara with a wise Seafoam Andara.

Physical Attributes

Physically, African Andaras are palpable in their effects. They expand our lungs, allowing us to breathe more deeply and release stagnant energy. They infuse our bloodstream with life-giving oxygen, bolstering our energy and endurance. These gems target the heart and third eye chakras, encouraging us to follow our hearts and trust our inner vision.

The Bibis advocate introspection, urging us to think independently rather than succumb to societal pressures and popular opinions. When you're ready to reclaim your power and confidently step into your true self, the Bibis stand ready to guide you.

They Encourage us to Stand up for Ourselves

At the core of their teachings lies a call to stand up for ourselves with confidence. African Andaras are anything but weak or indecisive. They convey their message with directness and firmness, grounding us in their potent energy. They inspire us to claim our power, to embrace our sovereignty, and to enjoy the freedom that rightfully belongs to us, a vision shared by our ancestors.

Ironically, these precious gems have remained hidden for ages in one of the most spiritually rich yet power-imbalanced countries. It's as if they were waiting for the perfect moment to unveil their beautiful message to a world sorely in need of it. Their catch cry resonates loudly: 'Freedom and Sovereignty for all.'

The Game Changers have arrived

The African Andaras, the game-changers in the world of Andaras, have arrived, and they are more than ready to fulfill their sacred duty. As we journey further into the world of African Andaras, expect a wealth of additional insights and knowledge to come forth. Already they have requested to be made into specific sets for personal and practioner use.

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