African Andaras - The Search Begins

When I initially told Charmaine about Andaras, it occurred to me that somehow, somewhere, we were meant to find the elusive African Andaras. These were said to be in high security diamond mines in Africa.

As soon as I mentioned it to her, she stopped for a minute, then said ’Oh, wow! I think we are!’

The Psychic Reading

We then remembered Charmaine had been told by a psychic that she would be involved in exporting very special  ‘altar pieces’.  No further information was forthcoming at the time.

These altar pieces would be found in a very remote area. They would be much sought after by collectors globally.

It all seemed pretty far-fetched!  Now we wondered if this was actually what she meant. We let that thought sit for a while, knowing that if it were the case, the guidance would be very definite and clear.

Learning about Andaras

We researched Andaras for many hours, always following guidance to purchase very specific pieces that we somehow instantly recognised.

There were so many we each knew we must get.  Some we have yet to really connect with. On other occasions, by the time the Andara  had arrived, its information had already been assimilated. We knew without a doubt we had completed our time with that piece.

A giant, crazy cosmic puzzle was forming. We found Andaras in one country that led us hunt for pieces in different country.

There were instances where I had a piece delivered, then a few days later found the ‘key’ to unlock its information from a different source.

It became almost normal to be woken in the middle of the night and told to look for certain websites, or look for certain key words. Each step lead to the next.

Our Andara adventure began in earnest. We quickly learned it would be a strange balance of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental focus required to achieve our goal of finding, importing, and seeding African Andaras around the world.

We still had no idea exactly how odd and complex it would actually be. Somehow we knew without question this was the path we had been chosen for.

African Andaras

My original information from Andaras had greatly expandedby then, and I understood we had agreed long, long ago to be the ones to bring African Andaras to the rest of the world when the time was right. Obviously that time was getting close.

By this time, I had eventually been woken in the middle of the night and connected with an African Andara, which I had apparently called to me. When she arrived, I learned so much more about the relevance of these beautiful African pieces.  They had been waiting patiently for us for lifetimes.

There was absolutely no mistake. Charmaine was working in importing in South Africa, and wanted to return to Australia.

Suddenly we were being given so much information, from many different sources, all confirming our mission.

So after spending some time back in Australia, Charmaine returned to her life in Durban. We both knew our search for the elusive African Andaras was about to begin in earnest.

to be continued....