Choosing and Caring for your Andara

As you embark on the journey of choosing your first Andara and explore the available pieces, the decision might feel overwhelming. Given their significant financial investment, it's natural to seek the one that aligns best with you at this moment.

Our aim with this post is to alleviate your concerns and provide insights into the process, addressing potential uncertainties. Andaras serve as guides in our inner journey toward opening our hearts, offering assistance along this transformative path.

Find Your Love

Our initial suggestion is to establish a deep connection with your heart. Embrace joy, laughter, and the wonder of childlike innocence. Delve into the significance of purity and explore the depths of your own capacity for love.

Andaras exist within a heightened realm of consciousness and frequency that doesn't compromise for denser vibrations. They serve as master instructors, urging us to elevate ourselves. To engage with them, we must open our hearts and become receptive students. Their language is Love itself, conveyed through the language of higher frequencies.

How to Choose which Andara is for you at this time

Once you have connected fully to your heart, simply gaze at the many photos and activations you see, waiting patiently until one seems to communicate with you, via thoughts, or visions, or perhaps even dreams. They will always find a way to communicate with you. There should be no doubt which one is for you. Take you time, and you will know without a doubt which one it is. Some people know instantly, others like to meditate to get their answer. It is different for all people.

How to Care for your Andara

While Andaras don't require cleansing, they'll always communicate their desires—when and where they want to go, how they wish to be treated. They relish the sun, sand, and water, just like a playful child. They enjoy being in our company and receiving attention. They love being photographed, often showing the most interesting aspects of themselves only in photos. Some of the best information we get from Andaras is shown via these photographs.

 They often choose where they wish to be displayed in your home, the room, the windowsill, on display, or hidden. Some prefer to remain outside, some inside.

They may prefer to be surrounded by fairy lights, or even stand on a light

Treat your Andara like a cherished friend or pet, taking them on adventures, keeping them close while you sleep, and placing them in your workspace. We even have different pieces that stay on the car dash in the sun.

They thrive on love and attention, reminding us to open ourselves to these nurturing qualities.