Woodland Magic - Let the Fun Begin!

We received a fresh shipment of Andaras that truly left us in awe. These remarkable pieces exude a charm and beauty that's genuinely one-of-a-kind. They seem to emit a mesmerizing sparkle that only intensifies with each passing day.

Now, here's where the story takes a whimsical turn!

We felt these Andaras had traversed a mystical portal from a different realm. This realm is teeming with fairies and all sorts of enchanting woodland creatures. 

It was as if they came to Life

The life and energy encapsulated within these crystals are nothing short of magical, mystical, ethereal, celestial, and even a bit mischievously funny. Many began forming pairs or teams, while others preferred solitude.

As I was attempting to enter them into our shop, they began giving personalized information. They also began changing their minds and causing havoc. They were really testing our patience like no Andaras have before.  It was utterly frustrating!

The Next Step

As usual, after they are entered into our website, I hand them over to Charmaine for her to do the next step, photographing and uploading the images to the Woodland Magic section of our shop. Then they had other requests!

They began directing her to make oils for some, and choosing which coloured bags they wanted to be packed in. Again they kept jumbling our stock out of order, and hiding. Some even became incredibly demanding and pushy with their expectations.

Bringing the Woodland Magic

These adorable Andaras tell us they are here to bring back the enchantment and magic that is missing from our lives. They here to bring back laughter, joy, love, fun and have us really discover our hidden sense of humour.

We are to allow them to re-kindle a child-like joy within us. This joy will raise our vibration higher and higher. It is their contribution to our ascension process, and that of the planet.

There are some single pieces as tiny as 2 grams, and some already packed into sets at their request. 

Make your own Fairy Ring

There may be one you especially love, or this may even be the start of your very own Woodland Kingdom, with your special collection of Pixies, fireflies, fairies, sylph, and even the very cheeky elves and gnomes.

The Mer Kingdom

We started getting message as well from the Mer kingdom, who insist they are part of the magic. They tell us they are the underwater version of the Angelic Kingdom, bringing the magic through water, where the Angels bring it from the sky.

You may just want to spend some time communicating with our photos, allowing them to lighten up your world.

They will be so happy if you take your time gazing at the images we have collated, allowing them to send their message of fun and laughter to you via the magic of the internet.

Please spend some time within our little fantasy world, allowing your cares to disappear with the wave of a fairy wand. ✨✨

For more information on Fairy Rings, see here.