Total Unity Gift Sets

Imagine a magical Gift Pack that brings together three fundamental qualities: Love, Power, and Wisdom. These qualities are like the body, mind, and soul of your being. We've added a touch of the Aqua Ray of the Higher Heart to this mix. This Trinity of Andaras is called 'Three Stones of Total Unity.' These form our special Total Unity Gift Sets at Andara Lovers.

Now, let's delve into the inner flame residing within your heart, also known as The Threefold Flame. Consider it your personal conduit to the sacred.

This  is your opportunity to forge a connection with your Higher Self, whether you identify it as the Christ, the Buddha, or any other spiritual entity. It represents the potential for your inner divinity to radiate through your humanity.

Each Andara crystal in the Total Unity Gift Set conveys a distinct and unique message. While they possess individual brilliance, the true enchantment unfolds when you blend them and deeply explore their subtle distinctions.

How to Get Started

We suggest working with the Andaras one at a time, really getting used to their individual energies. Learn to communicate with each, as they have different characteristics.

American Andaras

These represent the essence of Wisdom, and the ones we  chose are known as Seafoam Andaras. These beings possess boundless knowledge and as seasoned Andaras they exhibit remarkable grounding. In terms of appearance, they are adorned with countless minuscule bubbles, resembling the delicate froth of seafoam. These work extremely well on the mental plane.

To visit our range of American Andaras, here is a link.

Asian Andaras

These entities possess an elevated and refined energy, primarily centred around emotions and feelings. Initially, their presence transcends verbal expression, requiring a period of adjustment to their subtle, gentle energy. With continued interaction, their message becomes discernible both through perception and sensation, consistently emanating profound love for humanity.

These Andaras work beautifully on the spiritual plane.

To visit our range of Asian Andaras, here is a link

African Andaras

These beings stand in stark contrast to the others. Their visual allure may not be as dazzling, but their rugged appearance possesses a unique and enduring charm. Their initial mode of communication tends to be direct and succinct, often conveyed through concise words or profound feelings, always emanating from a place of love and compassion.

The African Andaras work well on the physical plane.

To visit our range of African Andaras, here is a link.

It's all in the Balance

We were intuitively guided through a specific sequence: first the American, followed by the Asian, and eventually, we received the African energies. As we absorbed each set of Andara energies, we began to comprehend their hierarchical nature, allowing us to effectively harness the notably more potent African energy when the time came.

Wisdom, Love and Power - The Threefold Flame

Think about it like this: What's Wisdom without the Power to use it lovingly? What's Love without understanding the need for healthy boundaries? And why bother with Power or Wisdom if there's no Love in your life? It's all about finding a balance between these three aspects.

You see, only when Love, Power, and Wisdom are in harmony can that threefold flame inside you expand and grow. And when it expands, your spiritual light and strength grow too.

Ways to Use the Sets

You can use them by placing the American Andara at your third eye, the Indonesian on your Heart Chakra, and the African Andara on any area where you feel discomfort or pain. This helps bring the root cause of an issue to your awareness, lets you process the emotions, and then starts the healing process.

Sometimes, the Andaras in these sets might be slightly different in size. But they say that the balance in each set is just right for its future guardian, and they'll only resonate with that specific person.

Now, what's inside the Set?

Our sets are combined at the direction of the Andaras, and contain three similar sized Andaras.

  • African Andara
  • American Andara
  • Asian Andara
  • Unity Meditation Oil

Don't see one that resonates with you? Then let us know and we will do our best to customise something from available stock.

About the Unity Meditation Oil 

You can use this oil on your body, your third eye, or your chakras. Drop it into water for unity, put it on the earth as a blessing, or use it for anointing. It's pretty versatile. This oil is activated with Tesla technology and contains essential oils from the three countries, making it just as powerful as the Unity Andara Stones. So, if you don't have your Unity Andaras with you, the oil can still help you connect with their energy.

 Link to our range of Total Unity Sets is here