Mother Mary, the Divine Mother

"Divine feminine energy reads the world through its heart. It reads the world through felt sense and love. It doesn't function through logic. Intuition is the guiding light but without the fierceness to protect it, it cannot be contained."
Some time back, we received one small wire wrapped Andara in an order from our supplier. The moment I spotted it, I was overwhelmed with the energy of Mother Mary. For over six months we have waited patiently to find a supply of small clear and blue Andaras that are suitable to activate using Scalar to enhance the energy of Mother Mary. Finally, a small quantity have been sourced. They are now activated, and available in our shop. Some have been wire wrapped into Siilver or gold plated pendants.
We have also made others into Light Body Activators, with an additional layer of Divine Mother activation - truly divine pieces.
 These exquisite Diamond-bright Clear and pale blue Andaras have undergone meticulous Scalar Activation to infuse them with:
  • The Gentleness of the Divine Mother
  • Divine Harmony
  • Radiance of the Christ Light
  • Creative Energies of the Divine Mother
  • Divine Peace
  • Healing Potency of the Christ Light within
  • Illumination of Christ Light within the Body's Cells
Mother Mary
Mother Mary represents the Divine Mother, she is a mother to all people and all life. When asked, she will always come to our immediate aid for divine support. When we connect with the Divine Mother, we connect with the aspect of our own selves that is unconditionally loving, nurturing, compassionate, and understanding.
We connect to the love that is within each of us, which is our true healer
Mother Mary is also wonderful to call upon to assist with issues of self-love, forgiveness, grief, sadness, and self-empowerment. She can be asked for help with healing and/or further expansion of your heart center (chakra) and inner light so that you may live aligned to your heart.
Simply call upon her or ask her to come to you during meditation to receive her loving energies and be open to receive her light! She is available and ready to assist anyone who calls upon her for assistance.
Whether it be for healing, inspiration, upliftment, guidance, a boost in self-love, or inner peace, she helps all. She loves all unconditionally and her sweet, gentle, healing love is so nurturing and powerful. She can help with any aspect of life if you so choose to ask for her loving support. And as we do, we are calling upon and requesting alignment to the loving, divine feminine energy that lies within each of us, (both females and males), to provide the nurturing support we require.
Why does Mary wear blue?
Deeply rooted in Catholic symbolism, the blue of her cloak has been interpreted to represent the Virgin's purity, symbolize the skies, and label her as an empress, for blue was associated with Byzantine royalty. The color blue has enough general associations that we can apply to Mary: it is the color of the sky/the heavens, and represents peace and tranquility.
Why is Mary's heart shown as visible outside of her body?
This points to her undying love for all people. Her love is such that she can not contain it within. Some artists choose to depict the Blessed Virgin carrying her heart in her hand, simply pointing with a finger to her heart.
What fragrance is associated with Mother Mary?
The mystery of the incarnation of the Word of God showed Our Most Holy Lady to be the most 'precious myrrh', the 'scent of Christ's fragrance'. Since then, the Mother of God, Our Lady has exuded this divine fragrance as a unique scent of myrrh.
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