The Aquanaut Collective

As an Astronaut explores deep space, the Aquanauts are for exploration of deep water, or deep emotions.

The Andaras requested we refer to this particular combination as the Aquanaut Collective.

They have asked to be worked with as a pair, and recommend meditating with one in each hand to attune to their messages. Start with the seafoam in the left (or receiving) hand, the clearer aqua in the right hand, then change hands to experience the opposite reaction. 

When we are able to feel and understand our emotions, we begin to stand in our  power.

Message from the Collective

Between these two specially combined pieces, they bring knowledge and wisdom in a grounded manner in the Seafoam, and the gentle, more peaceful water energy of the clear Aqua Andara. Combined, they bring that particular freshness of a wave landing close to shore.

Some of the sets we will make up will contain the deeper Sea Green, and these will be for guardians wishing to work more deeply with their emotions.

Testing the Waters

They encourage us to 'test the waters' and begin the journey of exploring our emotions, particularly in relation to taking back our power and establishing sovereignty.

They are the gentle combination of air and water.

The light Aqua Andaras are the gentlest energy of the very powerful African Andaras.  These are an excellent starting point to get used to their definite no-nonsense power.

Why are the Aqua Andaras most prolific at present?

The Aquas are more prolific than other colours, and tell us the reason for this is that more people need to experience and work with this energy only. These are also much needed at this time to balance earth grid lines in oceans and waterways.

Their message is an important one for those wishing to ascend to 5d reality.  We need to be able to stand in our own power, balanced with wisdom and love, and gently yet positively hold our space on this planet.

Physical Uses

This pair is felt initially in the lungs, oxygenating and then circulating oxygen into the blood, then through our circulatory system. From this they go to kidneys, purifying and cleansing.

Learn more about the human body systems here 

See our full range of African Andara Sets on our website using this link.

They ask us to be especially mindful to increase our uptake of water when we start working with their energy.

Channelling April 2021 via Charmaine:

  • Removal of all fears
  • Rejuvenating all aspects of self
  • We come as a collective energy
  • Uplifting Energies and vibrations of the Earth so mankind can learn to once again Love himself, and Love the Planet that gives him sustenance
  • Breathing in this vibrational energy will allow the changes to occur in the DNA and cleanse and clear Meridian lines
  • The meridian lines in the human body are the same as cleansing and clearing the grid lines of the planet.
Humans  are also one with the planet, there is no separation or subdivision. When we fix ourselves we also fix the planet.  As energy flows through the ley lines, so is it, the same energy that flows through our blood.
"We are all one
With love and light,
Aquanaut Collective"

Each Aquanaut set contains One Aqua African Seafoam Andara, and either a pale clear Aqua African Andara, or a deeper Sea-Green African Andara. Please choose with your heart the pair that best suits you. These Andaras have been polished and activated, and are packed into a white velvet drawstring bag.