Shekinah Andaras

Shekinah Andaras - Unlocking Divine Feminine Energies

The world of metaphysical healing and spiritual awakening is a tapestry, woven with countless gems of wisdom and energy sources to explore. Among these, Shekinah Andaras stand as radiant beacons. Known for their remarkable ability to tap into the divine feminine energies, they have the power to transform and uplift. In this article, we delve into the world of Shekinah Andaras. Our focus is on the Shekinah Rose, Shekinah Lilac and Shekinah Opal energies.

Understanding Shekinah

Before delving into the captivating energies of these Andaras, let's begin by understanding Shekinah itself. The term "Shekinah" most commonly refers to the divine feminine aspect of God. It embodies the qualities of a mother, nurturer, protector, and compassionate one. It represents the divine love that knows no judgment, often referred to as AGAPE love. 

Shekinah Andaras: A Gateway to Divine Love

Shekinah Andaras are revered for high vibrational frequencies. They have the profound ability to activate the Divine Feminine Shekinah energies within individuals. These energies open the door to experiencing the purest form of love, free from any judgments or limitations. It's as if these Andaras glow from within, illuminating a path to what's possible for each of us.

Shekinah Rose Energy

The Shekinah Rose Andara is a testament to the gentle and loving nature of divine feminine energy. It specializes in clearing and awakening the Heart Chakra. It creates an environment where one can experience the purest, most gentle vibration of love. This energy radiates from the heart, enveloping the user in a soft, loving embrace that uplifts spirits and inspires a sense of divine connection.

 The Shekinah Rose Ray, as it's often referred to, has the power to beautify one's highest heart intentions for sacred service. It helps individuals embrace their inner Christed being, becoming the embodiment of love, blessings, and light. It's an energy that resonates with softness and radiates love from within, inviting the user to bask in its loving embrace. 

Shekinah Lilac Energy

On the other hand, the Shekinah Lilac Andara holds the key to unlocking spiritual insight and awakening the Third Eye Chakra. This enchanting energy not only clears and opens the Third Eye, it also raises the vibration through magenta ray activations. This elevation in vibration enables individuals to attain a deeper understanding of spiritual divinity, granting them access to higher realms of consciousness.

Shekinah Opal Energy

Opal Shekinah is a captivating Andara known for its ethereal beauty. Its opalescent white surface shimmers with a mesmerizing inner glow of radiant gold, creating a unique and enchanting play of colours. This gemstone exudes a mystical aura, symbolizing purity and spiritual illumination.

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