New Earth African Andaras

Greetings, fellow Andara enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the New Earth African Andaras. These unique Andaras have a special purpose, and we're here to tell you all about it.

Imagine this: as grid workers, you have the opportunity to enhance their energy's reach across our planet. These Andaras bring a grounded, potent energy that's perfect for creating grids, whether indoors or in the great outdoors.

Many of you may have been patiently awaiting their arrival, and the timing is spot on. In these transformative times, these Andaras are reaching out to humanity, inviting us to open our hearts and embrace their extraordinary blessings. Their energetic frequency is truly remarkable.

Not for Everyone!

However, it's essential to note that these New Earth Andaras won't resonate with everyone. They possess a strong, heart-centered energy that aligns with your core being. On an energetic level, they fine-tune various aspects of your being, from your chakras and meridians to your auric field. If you're looking to open your third eye or deepen your connection with Source and Grace, these crystals excel. They're also adept at clearing away what no longer serves you, making room for fresh ideas, improved health, and love.

Moreover, they're problem solvers. Need assistance in challenging situations or help locating something you've lost? These Andaras have got your back.


In terms of appearance, they're nearly colorless with a subtle champagne glow. Under different lighting, they can shift from champagne to olive green, and some display captivating Etherium surface rainbows.

Intentions Matter

There's one important caveat: they require responsible handling. Your intentions matter greatly. Keep your highest aspirations in mind for the most positive outcomes. Bear in mind that energy moves more slowly in our world compared to higher planes, so there may be a gap between your vision and its realization. However, with pure intentions, these Andaras can and do facilitate rapid change.

Range of Benefits

  • - Improved breathing by opening your lungs
  • - Enhanced capacity to receive and give love through heart opening
  • - Balancing of the thymus gland
  • - Regulation of circulation and blood flow, promoting overall balance

These Andaras are particularly valuable for those seeking transcendence and personal transformation. Embrace the magic of the New Earth African Andaras and allow their energies to guide your journey.

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