What Are Andaras?

These captivating stones, occasionally incorrectly referred to as Andara Crystals, are becoming increasingly popular in the spiritual and metaphysical community. With roots in various corners of the globe, including the USA, Asia and Africa, these treasures have healing properties like no other.

The reality is, they are not crystals, they are more like solidified light, brightly coloured. Once you have experienced the energy of an Andara, you will never forget 

How are Andaras formed?

First and foremost, Andaras are naturally formed. The precise mechanisms behind the formation of these natural occurrences remain a subject of debate within scientific circles. From what we have discovered though, they seem to be found in areas that have experienced volcanic activity.
They are possibly best described as a form of Obsidian, or volcanic glass. The difference is that the soil where they are found always contains Etherium, which contains around 70 minerals. Andaras are generally found coated in this white, powdery soil. Many Andaras leach this powder, or develop surface rainbows that resemble the appearance of a dried oil slick.

How are the colours determined?

The beautiful, vibrant colours are influenced by the balance of minerals found in the soil. For example, if the soil contains cobalt, the andara will be a vibrant blue. Sulphur in the soil will produce a bright yellow Andara. Soil containing a high content of copper will produce green Andaras. 

The powdery compositions of Monatomic Metallic elements undergo a transformative process when subjected to intense heat. This heat can result from various sources such as volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, lightning strikes, or other extreme high-temperature events. As a consequence of this process, the Monatomic Metallic elements transmute into the glass-like substance recognized as Andaras.

When they are brought from the mines, their surface can seem quite dull and unappealing to many. Often what happens is they have been quite large pieces, that are then broken down into smaller pieces. When we are importing Andaras, we often request they are broken into the sized pieces that are most popular, generally 10 to 30 grams. The larger Altar pieces are not as in demand.
When the dull, outside layer of the large piece is painstakingly removed, the small pieces inside resemble brilliant coloured pieces of glassy looking rock. This also produces the interesting surface swirls and patterns we see. It is also possible to polish them, although it is a slow, laborious process. The tumbler we have can take up to a week to complete a small load.

Discovering Andara Origins

In ancient times, during the eras of Atlantis and Lemuria, Andaras were revered as essential components of ancient healing temples. They radiate profound healing energy unmatched by any stone. The wisdom of these ancient civilisations recognised the unique properties of Andaras. Today, these glassy rocks continue to shine as beacons of light and transformation.

Andaras are Multi-Dimensional Entities

Andaras are not your average gemstones, they are inherently multi-dimensional entities.  They exist simultaneously across various states, levels, times, and spaces. Much of their influence and activity unfold within the realms of Higher Consciousness, where their presence can be perceived, felt, or even experienced.

One remarkable aspect of their interaction with us occurs during our dream state. Andaras have been known to manifest as vivid dreams, leaving us with clear recollections or a profound sense that these beings engaged with us during the night.

Andaras: Conscious Beings Choosing Guardians

Andaras are far from ordinary, they are conscious beings with a purpose.

What's intriguing is that they choose their guardians, never the other way around. When they have fulfilled their purpose, they may move on, or guide you to pass them on to someone else ready for their life-changing journey.

These radiant beings are masters of manifestation, radiating positivity and a desire for your highest good. They empower you to realize your potential, guiding you along a destiny-altering path.

Life with Andaras is an adventure filled with excitement, as they lead us towards incredible outcomes. Placing an Andara on the crown or third eye Chakra can unlock spiritual gifts and wisdom, opening doors to profound experiences.

Andaras are not just companions; they are happy, positive friends. Once you invite them into your life, you'll witness swift, even daily, transformations. These friendships can last a lifetime, as you become captivated by their beauty and charisma.

Unlocking Potential with Andara Energy

Imagine placing an Andara on any part of your body and feeling their monatomic light fractures work their magic, gradually shifting your energy frequency to new heights. It's like peeling the layers of an onion, with changes unfolding as you go.

Andara Lovers use of Scalar Energy

Although Andaras are ready to go to work immediately, in future posts we will delve more deeply into how and why a number of them request that we enhance certain of their abilities using Scalar technology. This subject is so fascinating we believe it deserves its own post!

Choosing your Andara

If you are wondering how to choose your Andara, here is the intriguing part, your Andara will choose to work with you! As you explore collections of these remarkable beings, gaze at our photos with intent. Really look into them.

Is there one that seem to communicate with you? Perhaps there is one that haunts your every waking moment, that wakes you up in the middle of the night? Is there one that brings you to tears for no reason, or makes your heart sing?

If you've found that special connection, that Andara may have been waiting very patiently for you to shift your vibration. They have the ability to meet you at your frequency level, and then elevate you higher and higher to meet their vibrational frequency. They then have the ability to shift our frequency much higher to match theirs.

Never underestimate the power of your Andara. Regardless of their size, they hold immense potential for transformation. When held up to the sun, their rainbow fractures and captivating colours reveal their extraordinary nature.

For newcomers to the world of Andaras, we recommend starting with a small, inexpensive Andara. This is the perfect way to test the waters and determine if Andaras resonate with you. Not everyone may be ready for the profound Andara experience, yet it's a journey well worth exploring.

If you are curious and have unanswered questions about Andaras, never hesitate to reach out. We are on Facebook and Instagram, or can be contacted directly using the details on our Contact page.

We're here to guide you on your path to discovering the profound world of Andaras, where guardians of light and transformation await.

Getting Used to your New Andara Friend

As with any human friend, we recommend taking time to connect to your Andara - be it a pendant, pocket piece, or any other tool - by holding it in front of your heart.  The heart chakra seems to be their preferred method of entry even though they can be used everywhere. We have heard of guardians who kiss or even lick their new Andara, as a way of exchanging DNA.

Remember, all friendships take time to develop, so the process doesn’t need to be rushed. For some, the connection will be felt right away, for others not.  Either way is fine, as the benefits will still be transferred.  Over time those who do not feel them will, and those who do will find themselves enjoying the vibration to greater and more expanded levels.

They work on us in completely different ways, and our methods of connection will also be different. For example, Charmaine finds it difficult to sleep when she gets a new Andara, where I am the exact opposite - I open the package then instantly fall asleep.

Life with Andaras is truly a fascinating journey. These incredible stones, infused with the essence of over 70 minerals which include diamond, coal, platinum, gold, and more, are like pure light energy medicine that can transform our lives in remarkable ways.