Lemurian Aqua Andaras

Unlocking Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Connection

In the vast expanse of the Southern Pacific, nestled between North America and Asia/Australia, lies a mystical realm shrouded in mystery and intrigue - Lemuria, also known as Mu. Lemurian Aqua Andaras may be the key to unlocking ancient wisdom and spiritual connection to Lemuria.

This ancient civilization, the Lemurians, were not just highly evolved but profoundly spiritual beings. While tangible evidence of Lemuria's existence is scarce, many individuals feel an unexplainable connection to this enigmatic civilization. For those who resonate with the element of water, Lemurian Aqua Andaras serve as the proverbial 'Key to Going Home.'

Lemurian Aqua Andaras hold a profound significance, tapping into the deep well of cosmic wisdom and spiritual understanding. These unique crystals are often associated with the remembrance of our Lemurian ancestry and activating the New Lemurian codes and gridwork both within and outside Gaia, our beloved Earth.

Lemurian Aqua Andaras as a Bridge

Imagine these Andaras as a bridge, linking the heavens to our earthly realm. Their frequency resonates with the heart of Gaia, bringing forth the verdant greens and etherealise vibrations reminiscent of Lemuria. As you connect with these crystals, you embark on a journey deep within yourself, discovering inner gardens of Eden and rekindling your connection to ancient traditions.


These crystal treasures bear messages from ancient times, carried within the waters of our world. They hold the wisdom, intelligence, and wealth of knowledge that we have retained from the era of Lemuria. When you work with Lemurian Aqua Andaras, you partake in a multidimensional experience. They serve as both a tool for unraveling the 'old' and a vessel for bringing forth the 'new.' Through this process, we contribute to the greater good, aligning with the pure intentions of Lemurian achievement while recognizing the challenges faced.

New Atlanteans

Lemurian Aqua Andaras have a twofold purpose: they are the beacons of the New Atlanteans, those who carry the golden timelines of knowledge and experiences. These brave souls traverse their own inner transformation, echoing the legacy of fifth-dimensional beings of higher light. Within their DNA, they hold the remembrance of unity consciousness, tapping into the future to manifest it in the present.

Through the activations and remembrance facilitated by these precious crystals, the New Earth Atlanteans emerge. They return to restore, rebalance, and harmonize our world through the omnipotent force of love. In their quest, they seek to achieve a state of balance, harmony, and peaceful sovereignty.

Let their Frequency be your Guide

Lemurian Aqua Andaras beckon to those who long to unlock the mysteries of Lemuria and connect with the wisdom of the ages. When you hold these sacred crystals, you are, in essence, holding a piece of history and a promise of a brighter, more harmonious future. Let the frequencies of Lemurian Aqua Andaras guide you on your journey to inner Eden and unity consciousness, as you play your part in bringing heaven to Earth.


Lemurian Aqua Andaras come in various forms, from opaque to the clearest Aqua, sometimes blending both. Some even exhibit a radiant golden glow akin to sunlight dancing beneath the ocean's surface. These crystals may contain bubbles or exhibit perfect translucence, creating a diverse range of experiences, shaped by countless variables, as is typical with all Andaras.

Mermaids and Mer people

For some, these Andaras may evoke memories of Mermaids and mermen, often the stuff of legends and folklore. Mer people have captivated human imagination for centuries. These mythical beings, half-human and half-fish, are known for their enchanting beauty and their mysterious underwater realms. Often associated with the vast oceans, they symbolize the harmony between the human world and the wonders of the sea.

Legends tell of mermaids' melodious voices that lure sailors, and their deep connection to marine life and nature. These legends vary across cultures, from the seductive sirens of Greek mythology to benevolent water spirits in other traditions. Whether they are seen as protectors or enchantresses, mermaids and mermen continue to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the boundless mysteries of the oceans.

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