Karibu Blue African Andaras


One day, unexpectedly, our mine contact from Africa messaged. Miners in the Congo had just found a very rare and unusual collection of crystallised glassy rocks. These were attached to what seemed to be ancient lava flow, close to the mine they were working on.

Because of the pretty colour, they painstakingly chipped them out of this petrified lava, and kept them aside for us. We were sent the above photo. The instant we viewed them, we knew we needed to bring this stock to Australia. 

Introducing Karibu Blue Andaras

We felt their light-headed energy immediately. When they eventually arrived after their journey from Africa, they asked to be known as Karibu.

Karibu means -  ‘You are Welcome’ in Swahili,  and is used in a variety of different situations. It can be used to welcome somebody into your home, to invite somebody to do something or to appreciate somebody saying thanks.

These delicate and beautiful pale sky blue Andaras exhibit a profound connection to the air element. They bear a striking resemblance to the revered Isis Andaras of Egypt, although they emanate a subtly different energy. Where Egyptian Andaras are often associated with goddess energy, these new African Andaras exude a gentle and untainted innocence, untouched by worldly influences. They have a light powdery coating of Etherium, which keeps leeching from the Andara, especially when they are wishing to be put to work.

Energy of the Karibu

Their energy is best described as unworldly and almost heavenly in its gentleness. It evokes the innocence of a young maiden, a presence not yet fully aligned with the essence of a goddess. Instead, these Andaras seem more attuned to celestial realms, their knowledge steeped in the mysteries of the sky, heavens, and stars, rather than being tethered to the affairs of our earthly plane.


These remarkable Andaras are deeply felt in the throat and thyroid region, extending upward through a pointed connection to the crown chakra. Their energy continues to expand, embracing the heart chakra, before anchoring in a focused point within the Earth, creating an encompassing sensation reminiscent of an Octahedron, two pyramids joined at the base, symbolizing the principle of "as within, so without."

The Octahedron’s Spiritual Meaning

The Octahedron’s key function is Integration. This Platonic Solid can help with healing, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, both for self and for others. The Octahedron can also help with self reflecting and raising vibration. It enables expressing of creativity through the voice, and speaking from the heart. This in turn fosters a stronger connection between the inner world and outer world.

First Impressions

In our initial interactions with these crystals, we observed peculiar sensations such as occasional aches and pains in various joints, including the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. The Andaras conveyed their mission to fine-tune DNA, emphasising that these temporary discomforts are integral to achieving their intended transformative outcomes. They reassure us that the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term inconveniences.

We also noted unusual feelings around the eye sockets, jaw, even into the eyes. It seems to enhance eyesight and clarity of vision.

As we continue our explorations, we anticipate uncovering even more wisdom and insights from these gentle and enigmatic beings.

“They are an absolute must-have for every serious Andara collection”

Other areas of specialty

The Karibu Blue Andaras are especially helpful with connecting to our Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Star Beings. These mesmerizing crystals hold the potential to not only enhance spiritual connectivity but also amplify mediumship abilities for some individuals.

Ascension Sets

 Pairs of Karibu Blue Andaras have specifically requested to work together as an Ascension Set. They assure us that the guardians ready to work with their energy will require no further information or instructions at this stage.

As our Aquanaut Sets work with all elements of emotions and water, these are perhaps Aeronaut Sets, working with all air/spirit related issues.

Their specialty, however, is in raising our vibration ever higher toward Ascension. This enables the user, through spiritual practice and meditation, to receive codes of awakening, light and DNA Activations.

The Ascension Sets allow the user to access spiritual energetic upgrades to rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as an awakened divine being in physical form.

You can view Karibu Blue Andaras and Ascension Sets (African Andara Sets) in our Shop.