Jacaranda Tree

In the front garden of my house, overlooking a park, is the most stunning Jacaranda Tree. She is huge, with branches spanning most of the yard. For much of the year she just stands there, dropping leaves and twigs and branches, and I am constantly cleaning up after her. From mid October until early November, though, she is a mass of the most divine Lavender coloured flowers. My entire driveway is covered as they fall. It is such a stunning sight, and its worth every minute of cleaning up for the rest of the year.

The other day, as I was admiring her, I thought to look out the notes I have from doing a Practitioner Course on The Liquid Trees. I needed to remind myself what she is here to teach.

Notes from The Liquid Trees


According to my manual, the simple purpose with humanity of the Jacaranda tree is Ethics. Spiritual aspect: she activates the dream state about life choices. Increases the effectiveness of study, activating the heart, third eye and crown chakras, and all their associated paths of communication. It may look calm and gentle, but it is a major teacher in the high laws of love. Its potent force cuts through rubbish and keeps people accountable. 'Where Wisdom finds Love, the result is Powerfully expressed, completion is found." (JMA)

A magical aspect that fascinates me, is that wands of Jacaranda wood are very potent. According to our teacher, Justin Moikeha Asar, if you could shoot waves of Liquid 'Sort your shit out'  out of a wand - this would be the one! "Elemental magic at its extremes, use with caution and respect".

I always thought it was quite fitting I found this home, at the time I was doing NLP, Hypnotherapy and counselling - actually helping people sort their lives out!

What does this have to do with Andaras? (I hear you say.)

It occured to me the other day that it would actually be a fun exercise to activate some Andaras with this beautiful Jacaranda energy. To infuse them with an extra boost to activate the dream state about life choices.To increase the ability of connecting those three chakras and their path of communication. And what if we were also to power them up even more, by hyper-charging them with a Scalar boost?

We could even make up a bottle of the Liquid Tree remedy, so the guardians of these andaras can experience more thoroughly the energy of the Jacaranda. Wouldn't that be fun!

Liquid Tree Remedy

With these natural remedies, what we do is take 7 drops morning and night for 21 days. Then during the 7 days after, the drops are assimilated in to the body. This remedy then remains active in the body for a period of 28 days. During those active days, expect to get insights on the simple purpose of Jacaranda - Ethics.

To enhance or get maximum benefit from the Jacaranda experience, it’s fun to surround yourself with the colour of Jacaranda. Perhaps even pop one of my photos on your phone as a screen saver. Wear the colour, stop and really study a Jacaranda Tree. Hug one or sit under the branches of one if you can. Study the pretty flowers. Find a branch to pop on an altar at home.

Think of areas in life where you are ready to look into life choices, past, present, and future. Become accountable!  See if there are areas where you have been out of touch with your ego, or judgemental - even false. Make the changes you wish, in order to get your life on track. Become more genuine and caring, discerning and flexible. Discover new levels of self respect and self confidence - without ego. 

Once you have done this process, your beautiful Andara will serve as a permanent reminder, and keep activating and connecting those three chakras, the heart, third eye and crown, and remain working with you in the dream state, keeping you on track. Tree remedies are the best!


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