Developing our ReSet products

In the early throes of the Covid pandemic, Charmaine embarked on a transformative journey, blending her expertise in Homeopathy, Radionics, and Scalar with the potent energy of Andaras. Her goal? Crafting a solution that fortified the body against Covid, and also held the key to restoring its inherent vitality.

Through relentless experimentation and unwavering dedication, Charmaine birthed our ReSet product range—an amalgamation of innovation and healing. These products aren't just shields against illness; they're catalysts for restoring the body's natural equilibrium.

Since its inception, the ReSet range has evolved, branching into diverse avenues where its transformative formula finds purpose. Continuously discovering new applications, we remain committed to unlocking the potential of this remarkable solution.

Our ReSet products serve as catalysts, activating the innate potential within us to bolster and refine our etheric field, empowering our body's immune system.

Consider ReSet as the elusive key to our body's control room—a key whose absence we never realized. While our energy field embodies perfection and holds all necessary components, external influences often disrupt its optimal function. ReSet steps in to recalibrate and restore to the original settings.

It's an elegantly simple, natural solution.


Drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of Masaru Emoto and utilising technology inspired by the visionary Nikola Tesla, we've harnessed the power to elevate water to a vibrational frequency aligning with the perfected human etheric system. Think of it as running a 'Software Update' for your body.

Regular use of ReSet triggers the activation of the etheric field, prioritizing areas that require recalibration. As fresh insights emerge, we fine-tune our formula, now incorporating a protective shield against EMF radiation and the impacts of 5G on our body systems.

Every product in our range is infused with the profound energy of Andaras, which complement and amplify ReSet's transformative properties.

 Our range of products includes:

    • ReSet Spray - can be taken orally (a couple of sprays into the mouth) or applied topically.
    • ReSet Room Spray - to remove all negative energies and EMF fields from your environment
    • ReSet Cream - the cream is an alternative to the Reset Spray and is applied topically
    • ReSet Body Wash - to be used to wash your body and protect your auric field
    • ReSet Candles - to create a peaceful and clear clean environment
    • Detox Bath Salts - clearing and cleansing  all toxins from the body
    • ReSet Body Oil   - our latest product

A link to our complete range of ReSet products is here.


Q.  Is ReSet safe?

A. It consists only of the purest water, alcohol for preserving, and activated using Tesla technology

Q.  Is it OK to take ReSet if I have food allergies?

A. Aside from a minimal amount of alcohol, there is nothing in ReSet that could possibly cause allergic reaction.

Q.  Can ReSet be used for Children?

A. ReSet is perfectly safe for use on any age group. It is also suitable to use on animals, simply adjust doses accordingly.

Q.  How many sprays of ReSet are necessary daily?

A. We generally dowse for individual dosages, and find as a general rule 3-5 sprays once or twice a day are adequate. There is no such thing as too many sprays. Follow your inner guidance.

Q.  Are there any preservatives in ReSet?

A. To ensure a decent shelf life, we have used  a minimal amount of alcohol. We are able to make without alcohol by request. We recommend storing this product in a COOL, DARK place, or in the refrigerator.

Q.  Is it safe to take ReSet with medications?

A. Yes, This is a Vibrational Remedy. There is nothing present which would cause interference.

Q.  Are there any side effects?

A. No, there are no known side effects.

***We wish to be CLEAR, our ReSet products are NOT designed to Cure, Prevent or Treat any disease or condition. Please consult your own Medical Expert.***