Attaching your Light Body Activator to a cord

Our Light Body Activators come with cord for wearing them as pendants. While a simple slip knot is a quick solution, we've received inquiries about a more secure method to prevent the Andara from slipping off, especially when worn continuously.

For a more dependable attachment, we recommend a method that ensures added security. This could involve alternative knots or clasps specifically designed to keep the pendant securely fastened, reducing the risk of it slipping off during activities or while sleeping. Feel free to explore these options to ensure your pendant remains safe.

Link to our available stock of Light Body Activators is here.

Slip Knot

Making a slip knot is quite simple! Here are the steps:

  1. Start by holding the working end (the end connected to the ball of yarn or rope) in your left hand and the free end (the tail) in your right hand.
  2. Create a loop with the working end by crossing it over the free end to form a loop. The working end should be on top.
  3. Leave a small opening near the loop you've just formed. The looped part should be closest to your fingertips, and the free end should be hanging behind the loop.
  4. Pass the free end through the small opening you've left near the loop.
  5. Gently pull the free end through the opening while holding onto both ends of the loop. This will create a slip knot that you can adjust by pulling the ends to tighten or loosen it.

Should you prefer to watch a video instruction, we have found some great ones on You Tube.

Doing a simple knot illustrated here

Other knots

The slip knot can be secured after point 4 above by enlarging the opening, then winding the Andara three times before tightening the ends of the loop at point 5.

This is a slightly more ornate knot here.

Some fancier knots here.

The first three in this last video are quite simple and effective, and will attach your Andara very securely.

More Ways to wear your Light Body Activator

At Andara Lovers, our passion for versatility in wearing Light Body Activators drives us to discover innovative ways to adorn them. Through our exploration, we've uncovered an array of functional clips and reliable clasps that seamlessly integrate with these activators. Additionally, we love to elevate their aesthetic by occasionally styling them on decorative chains, adding a touch of elegance to their presentation. Our quest for diverse and stylish wear options is ongoing, ensuring you can personalize your experience with these captivating pieces.