Andara Magic

One day, I stumbled upon a captivating Facebook post featuring a glistening clear crystal beside an oracle card. It grabbed my attention, leaving me with an insatiable curiosity. It was my first experience of Andara Magic!

This mysterious glassy crystal was referred to as an Andara, and I couldn't resist delving into online research. As I explored, I was greeted with a multitude of stunning crystal images, each seemingly imparting intuitive insights. 

However, at that time, the abundance of conflicting information I read left me confused. I reached out to the friend who shared the post, seeking guidance on a reputable source to purchase one.

Meanwhile in South Africa

My friend Charmaine, living in Durban, was also piqued by Andaras when I told her about them. Together, we ventured deeper into this enigmatic realm, reading everything we could find, gazing at magnificent photographs.

I took the plunge and ordered my very first Andara, and in an instant, a flood of knowledge surged within me.

Can't Stop at One!

Turns out that one Andara isn’t enough; so I ended up ordering more pieces. I discovered a pendant that insisted on being worn first, telling me it held the key to deciphering the messages of the pieces that I had initially ordered.

Then the strangest thing happened - from the moment I made a credit card payment, I began hearing a song playing over, and over, and over! It only stopped the day my Aqua Serenity Pendant arrived. By then, I assumed I had already become attuned to its energy. Yet, on opening the parcel, I inexplicably dozed off for two hours, despite it only being 10am.

Another magical occurrence was that the pendant arrived on the exact day my twin grandsons were born.

Upon awakening, I sensed a distinct mission awaiting both Charmaine and I.  It felt like we were gathering pieces of a puzzle that would eventually reveal a greater purpose. Penning these words, I became aware that there was still much to uncover in the world of Andaras. Our journey was about gathering information and patiently awaiting the right time.

My First Andaras

The next day, another package arrived, containing an Ishtari  and a Sovereign Amethyst – a true treasure trove! Once again I fell asleep instantly, and awoke knowing more about Andaras. I was starting to understand how they worked - at least how they worked on me. At that time I didn’t know how others reacted to Andaras, and had no idea our reactions differed. 

Change of Direction

Charmaine had a holiday booked in Bali and had ordered Andaras which a friend was to take from me in Australia to Bali. The Andaras had other plans, and on the day she was to leave South Africa for her vacation in Bali, there was a quick change of plan, and she was actually winging her way to Australia. She arrived here the same day as her Andaras, allowing us the opportunity of discovering them together.

Deciphering the Puzzle

Over the next months, we gathered other pieces from around the world, each bringing us another piece of an exciting puzzle that eventually had us form Andara Lovers. We certainly didn't need all the pieces we had gathered!  Often by the time an Andara arrived, we had already received the relevant information and no longer needed the actual stone.

By the time Charmaine’s time in Australia was over, we knew what we were meant to do…. we were to search for the elusive African Andaras!

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