American Andaras - Our Journey Begins

The History 

American Andaras made their initial appearance in 1969, on land occupied by an Indian medicine woman known as Lady Nellie. The soil where they discovered them is said to contain Etherium, which comprises over 70 different minerals. Plants grown in this soil have incredible health benefits.

Recognition of these unique crystals by a psychic occurred in the early 1980s. Following extensive channelling and research efforts, Andaras became available for sale in the early 2000s. Researchers have done much research and told many stories since the initial discovery. Sale of American Andaras has steadily grown, and they are especially popular within the expanding spiritual community.

Some of the Andara community asserts that the only 'authentic' Andaras originate from Lady Nellie's land in the US. The Andaras themselves have always communicated differently to us.

People are now discovering them in various regions and countries

 In the case of Charmaine and myself, we were captivated by photographs of American Andaras that triggered profound downloads of information and wisdom.


Our favorite American Andara is the stunning pale blue, named after Lady Nellie, which was discovered after Lady Nellie's passing. It has such a divine, gentle energy, and is so full of wisdom. It is as if access to all of Nellie’s healing abilities is within. See the Andara on right hand side of photo above.

Wisdom of American Andaras

Our experience of American Andaras initially was that they held the essence of great knowledge. The information they contain can be on the most incredible range of subjects - astrology, astronomy, star beings, aliens, music, sacred geometry, aromatherapy, music, well- being, history - a veritable treasure trove of universal information.

Their knowledge is so diverse it is indescribable. All we know is that they are capable of conveying and teaching us so much. We discovered very quickly that the pretty, vibrantly colourful pieces are full of knowledge. They are also a bit like a teenager...all full of book learning and chatter. Sometimes what is required, is to ground that chatter and convert it into Wisdom.  

Given American Andaras were the first andaras discovered, they often serve as the initial stepping stone for many Andara enthusiasts. At the time we began, there were no Andaras available from other countries, so that was our starting point.

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