African Andara Anointing Oil


The African Andaras asked us to make a signature Oil. It was to be a unique blend for awakening and activating the chakras and the senses.

It was especially designed to be used when meditating with Afrian Andaras. Our oil assists guardians to integrate and understand the message of their Andaras.

This African Andara Anointing Oil is a heady and powerful blend, and so is not for the faint-hearted!

Challenge Accepted!

Rising to the challenge, Charmaine was guided all the way. She was shown the essential oil selection as well as the exact formula of this blend. Our African Andara Anointing Oil, therefore, contains a mixture of  Organic Essential Oils. A number of  these, including Cape Lavender and Baobab, were collected during  travels through Africa.

Uses of the Oil

We have found it most effective to use prior to meditation or sleep. It clears the head and relaxes the mind.

It relaxes me so much I tend to feel a little drowsy, so I encourage working with it when you have finished driving for the day.

Key Ingredient

One key ingredient in our custom blend is the beautiful and distinctive aroma of the majestic Baobab tree. Native to Madagascar, mainland Africa and Australia, the Baobab tree is also known as the Tree of Life.

Baobab oil has been a favourite in Africa for thousands of years. African natives use it in the treatment of many diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, fever, microbial infections, toothache, and skin problems.

More interesting Baobab information here.


Use during meditation or while working with African Andara energy. Doing this enables us to tune in more fully to the primal origins and truly spiritual messages African Andaras share.

Massage into third eye and hold on to your Safari Helmet. The fun is about to begin!

Activating the Blend

This exclusive blend has been activated using Scalar Frequency, connecting it to five of the currently available African Andaras. It has a powerful message of freedom, love, oneness, independence and sovereignty.

Further information on Scalar energy is here

We are delighted with the result, and hope you love it as much as we do.

Note - We are including a small bottle of this special blend in our African Earth Medicine Bags. (see our full range of African Andara Sets here)