Activating Atlantis

When we work with Andaras, even the strangest things start to become our version of normal. This is just another one of those times.

Sandy: I saw a photo of an Andara online that triggered thoughts, or perhaps past memories of the Canary Islands. As I gazed at this Andara, I received messages over and over that it was connected to our Karibu African Andaras, as well as the Isis Egyptian Andaras, and to the volcano on Tenerife. I was shown a line drawn across the three countries where these pieces were found.

The Andara that triggered information on the Atlantis Stargate

I was asked to meditate on the three Andaras from the different countries, as there was a connection to be made that related to the Canary Islands. For some reason, they needed to be united to create a yet unknown event.

Try as I might, I was unable to secure any pieces of this type of Andara. I had initially hoped to combine small pieces of the three Andaras to sell as an Atlantis Stargate Trinity set. When I could not purchase these pieces,  the Andara recommended we go to Plan B  (they always have a plan B!). I was instructed to tune into the photo I had initially come across, as well as to an Isis and a Karibu Andara.

This concept of combining the 3 haunted me for about a week, until I finally mentioned my insights to Charmaine and asked her to also tune in to find out what she picked up. 

Charmaine: Sandra sent me a picture of what we referred to as the Canary island Andara. As I gazed at the andara in the picture, I immediately started getting a huge download of information.

I was taken deep, deep, very deep, below the ocean, and was shown a star system. The depth was something that I had not experienced before.  I could feel the presence of a large male, I asked, “Hi, are you an ocean deva” to which he corrected me in no uncertain terms that he was not a deva, but an "Ocean God."

He then proceeded to tell me that the stars below the surface deep within the ocean are connected to the star system above. As above, so below.

He then told me that he was giving me a grid format. I was to draw and do an activation with this grid.  It had 7 star portals, and it had to be gridded with 2 Isis Andaras to hold and ground the space and 7 Karibu Andaras to link the information. The white places where the lines intersected were of great importance. 

He said this would release information that has never been known, and has been hidden for centuries. The Ocean God energy that was giving me all this information was very powerful, and he was very specific in what we had to do.

That night I spent hours trying to recreate the grid that he gave me the picture of in my mind, but trying to draw something that is so complex on a piece of paper…..

When I showed the drawing to Sandra, she immediately recognized the resemblance to the formation of the seven islands in the Canaries. 

Map of the Canary Islands

Eventually I felt I had drawn what he wanted, and the next day Sandra and I met and went to the waters edge to do the activation he requested. We placed my drawing on top of a map of the Canary Islands, and were shown which direction to face the sketch. Then we were shown where to put the two larger Egyptian Andaras, then the Karibu.

The grid is positioned on the beach at Tallebudgera Creek
The "Ocean God" made it very clear that this was to be done as it would help the ascension process of the planet, and that the information that was hidden needed to be released, as this is the right time.

Karibu and Isis Andaras on Stargate and Las Canarias map

He also said there are 7 portals on the planet that will need to be opened with these stones, and the gridkeepers that need to do it will know who they are, and they will set to work when the time is right.

Only then the ley lines and star grids will interact with each other, and an energy grid will open, and much hidden knowledge will be released to the people. We presume we will also know when this has been completed - if we are supposed to know, of course.

Sandy: From the beach, the grid was moved to my house until we were finally instructed to dismantle it. I was asked to put it between these star-like lamps, which were to remain turned on while the grid was set up.

An even more interesting event happened not long after. My daughter went to the volcanic island of Tenerife with her father to stay with his family for a month. During this time, one of her cousins told her the Canary Islands was said to be the location of the gateway to Atlantis! She only mentioned it in passing a week or so after returning to Australia.

Karibu Andaras: The Seven Karibu Andaras used for these 7 portals are listed in our shop for the relevant grid workers. We are sure they will know exactly who they are. They will be guided to find these pieces.

Rainbow Andaras: We have also activated some very beautiful small aqua/blue/clear andaras, as well as some beautiful and very potent Meditation oil, to what we refer to as the Stargate Atlantis frequency.

Isis Egyptian Andaras: I was abe to acquire a few Isis Egyptian andaras ad a stunning Isis pendant which had recently been brought to Australia from Philae. These asked to be activated to the frequency of the Atlantis Stargate.

These are the perfect tool for Andara collectors who work with water, Atlantis, Lemuria or the mer world. See the collection of Atlantis Stargate Andaras in our store.