Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)
Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)
Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)
Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)
Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)

Shekinah Rose QUAN YIN ACTIVATED Andara 26 grams (AI629)

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The Shekinah Rose, with its breath-taking hues and inherent energy, holds an exquisite resonance that beckons for its connection to the Divine Feminine essence of Quan Yin, the revered embodiment of mercy and compassion. It's as if this opulent gemstone itself possesses a consciousness, urging for its activation in alignment with the compassionate frequencies personified by Quan Yin.

In this request for activation, there's a palpable anticipation for the individual who will become its guardian. This future custodian is poised to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and introspection, a quest fuelled by the desire to intimately comprehend the critical necessity of mercy and compassion within the world's current tumultuous landscape.

The Shekinah Rose seems to foresee the readiness of its destined caretaker, someone who's willing to dedicate time to inner contemplation, seeking a deep understanding of where these qualities are most urgently required amidst the complexities of our existence. This individual appears poised to embrace the responsibility that comes with wielding such profound energies, recognizing the importance of channelling them for the greater good.

Through the activation guided by Quan Yin's Divine Feminine frequency, it's as though the opal will become a conduit, facilitating an intimate connection between its guardian and the very essence of compassion and mercy. This activation process promises a transformative experience, nurturing the guardian's empathetic nature and fostering a heightened sensitivity towards the needs and sufferings of others.

As this future guardian prepares to embark on this profound journey with the Shekinah Opal, it's apparent that they are primed to be a beacon of light, radiating the warmth of compassion and the grace of mercy into a world that greatly yearns for these healing energies.

Please see our blog post here for further information and a meditation to connect with the energy of Quan Yin.

These magnificent pieces radiate LOVE in its finest form.

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We welcome you to the Andara Lovers store, where we take the time and effort to find some of the most beautiful and unique Andaras possible.

Monatomic Andara Crystals are the highest vibrational crystals available. They are very much like obsidian glass which has been naturally formed when extreme heat caused by volcanoes, meteor strikes etc have been applied to soil.

The difference with Andaras and obsidian, is that the soil where Andaras are found contains Etherium, which has over 70 monatomic metal elements. It is these monatomic metallic elements that make them different to all other crystals.

Distinct & Different

Pieces from the US, Africa, Indonesia and more recently Egypt.

We personally have collected and worked closely with pieces from America, Africa, Indonesia and more recently Egypt. Each has very distinct and different energy.

From our personal experience no Andara is ‘better than’ or ‘lesser than’ another. They are simply different, the same way we are all different, yet the same.



Beautiful products and the staff were AMAZING at helping me pick the right Andaras to suit what I was looking for.
Thanks guys!

Beautrice Smith
Los Angeles, CA, USA

I was looking for an Andara to help unlock healing and more energy for me.

I was unsure what I was looking for initially but I emailed the staff and they were fantastic in helping me.

Susan Jackson
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I was browsing through the store and truly found a piece that I connected with and bought it straigh away..
I've had it for 5 months now and seriously cannot live without it!
Such a great product. Thanks Andara Lovers!

Shelby Michaels
Perth, WA, Australia

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