RE012 ReSet Spray Set 4 x 30ml Purse Sprays

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4 x 30ml Spray Bottle Set

This set contains one of each of our beautiful 30ml Vibrational Sprays:

1 x ReSet personal Spray

1 x Space Clearing

1 x Balance

1 x Motivate

All contained in our drawstring carry bag

Surround yourself with the magic of Teslas Scalar energy all day long!


Reset Personal Spray

Our ReSet products are designed to ACTIVATE within us whatever needs to be enhanced, thus enabling our etheric field to get to work on its own immune system.

ReSet acts like the secret KEY to the control room, the KEY we had no idea was even missing. Our energy field is already perfection, everything we need is present, and yet at times, external influences in our lives interfere with optimum performance.

ReSet does just that, resets or restores to original setting.

This is an incredibly simple, natural product.

Using ideas from the brilliant minds of Masaru Emoto as well as technology perfected by the incredible Nikola Tesla we have been able to activate the purest water to a vibrational frequency that matches the perfected human etheric system.

It could be compared in likeness to running a ‘Software Update’.

By using this regularly, the etheric field will be activated to ReSet  to a state of perfection, in order of priority, automatically selecting which parts need to be ReSet first.

Space Clearing Spray is the one to use to clear any energies in your space.

This 30ml Purse Sized Space Spray is the perfect spray for around your entry doors morning and night, protecting any undesirable energies from entering into your space. Its frequency also includes Divine Protection.

We have kept this particular spray unperfumed, so visitors are unaware it has been used.  It holds a subtle energy, like a personal security guard.

Perfect for use daily as a Space Clearing ReSet.

This is designed for use in business/home business settings, where many people may enter the workplace, bringing their differing energies. Nice also to spray between clients to clear residual energy that may be left behind.

This is also suitable to spray around your body as an invisible energy shield for when a little extra ‘armour’ is needed. We love using this one at all times before going out in public.

BALANCE Spray is the one to use to correct your energy flow.

This Balances and Aligns Chakras and energy flow between physical and  etheric bodies.

It holds a particular frequency designed to correct imbalance in chakras and energy levels. It is the perfect spray to use first thing every day to get your energy flow balanced ready to start the day

Perfect for use daily as an Energy Balance ReSet.

Motivate Spray is the one to use to raise your energy and remove fatigue.

It creates motivation and increases initiative, and has a particular frequency designed to correct imbalance in energy levels. It is the perfect spray to use to reenergise, lift energy, and motivate you into immediate action.

Perfect for use when your ‘Get up and go’ button needs an urgent ReSet!

***Disclaimer: This product is IN NO WAY designed to Cure or Treat any specific condition***


***We wish to be CLEAR, our ReSet products are NOT designed to Cure, Prevent or Treat any disease or condition. Please consult your own Medical Expert.***

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 cm

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