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Indulge in the transformative power of our ReSet Pack, featuring a 30 ml bottle of ReSet Spray and a 30g plastic jar of ReSet Cream, elegantly presented in a sheer drawstring carry bag. Ideal for those intrigued by natural health or immersed in various Natural Therapies, this versatile pack is perfectly sized for your purse or travel needs.


Our ReSet products are thoughtfully designed to ACTIVATE enhancements within us, empowering our etheric field to engage with its own immune system. Acting as the secret key to the control room, ReSet is the missing link to optimal performance, resetting or restoring to the original setting.

This incredibly simple, natural product draws inspiration from the brilliance of minds like Masaru Emoto and the technological mastery of Nikola Tesla. Through this innovative combination, we activate the purest water to a vibrational frequency harmonizing with the perfected human etheric system—an analogy akin to running a ‘Software Update.’

By regular use, the etheric field is activated to ReSet to a state of perfection, prioritizing areas that need attention first.

How to Use ReSet:

ReSet spray is safe for oral consumption, and alternatively, can be sprayed onto the body or into the energy field. Complementing this, our Organic ReSet Cream offers a versatile application, suitable for trouble areas or as a luxurious hand, face, or body cream.


Q: Is ReSet safe? A: Yes, it consists only of the purest water, alcohol for preservation, and is activated using Tesla technology.

Q: Is it OK to take ReSet if I have food allergies? A: Yes, aside from a minimal amount of alcohol, there is nothing in ReSet that could cause an allergic reaction.

Q: Can ReSet be used for Children? A: Absolutely, ReSet is safe for all age groups and can also be used on animals; simply adjust doses accordingly.

Q: How many sprays of ReSet are necessary daily? A: Generally, 3-5 sprays once or twice a day after meals are adequate, but there is no such thing as too many sprays. Follow your inner guidance.

Q: Are there any preservatives in ReSet? A: A minimal amount of alcohol is used for a decent shelf life, but we can make it without alcohol upon request.

Q: Is it safe to take ReSet with medications? A: Yes, as a Vibrational Remedy, there is nothing present that would cause interference.

Q: Are there any side effects? A: No, there are no known side effects.

Note: Our ReSet products are NOT designed to Cure, Prevent, or Treat any disease or condition. Please consult your own Medical Expert.

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