Rare White/Shaman Brown Swirl Andara 313 grams (A187)

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This unusual Shaman Brown/Opaque White Swirl Andara resonates deeply with the harmonious energies of nature and balance. This remarkable crystal possesses a profound capacity for healing, acting as a powerful conductor for grounding negative energies while simultaneously restoring equilibrium to one’s physical and energetic systems. Shaman Brown is renowned among Andara varieties for its exceptional grounding properties, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to reconnect with the Earth’s stabilizing energies.

The presence of opaque white swirls within this Andara adds an ethereal and angelic dimension to its energy. This pure, heavenly white balances and complements the grounding properties of Shaman Brown, creating a unique synergy that bridges the realms of heaven and earth. It’s as though this crystal serves as a conduit, seamlessly blending the grounded and grounding qualities of Shaman Brown with the lighter, celestial white Pastel.

In essence, This Swirl Andara unites these two contrasting energies, facilitating a profound connection between earthly grounding and the transcendent realms of the angelic and heavenly. This crystal invites individuals to embrace the harmonious interplay between the material and spiritual worlds, fostering a sense of completeness and balance within themselves and their surroundings. It is a powerful ally for those on a spiritual journey seeking to harmonize their energies and align with the natural forces of the universe.



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Weight 313 g