PI184 Double Sided, Azure Elysium and Shaman Brown, Silver

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Double Sided Pendant

Azure Elysium/Shaman Brown, Silver setting

The Double Sided Pendant Azure Elysium and Shaman Brown, measuring 3.5 cm, offers a unique fusion of two powerful Andara crystals. On one side, you’ll find the enchanting Azure Elysium Andara, resonating with the soothing blue of the throat chakra. This side facilitates clear communication, self-expression, and spiritual alignment.

Flipping the pendant reveals the Shaman Brown Andara, radiating grounding and earthy energy. This side connects deeply with the base chakra, imparting stability, security, and a profound sense of calm.

Together, these Andara crystals harmoniously bridge the base and throat chakras, creating a balanced energy flow within. Weighing 16g, this pendant not only enhances your personal energy but also serves as a beautiful accessory symbolizing the union of grounded wisdom and clear communication.



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Weight 100 g

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