PI120 Metatron’s Cube Pendant Electric Yellow GP

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Metatron’s Cube Pendant, Electric Yellow, Gold Plated

Feel the creative energy of this crystalline frequency deep inside your Sacral Chakra. Allow it to energize you, and increase your creativity.

One side of this pendant features a beautiful hand faceted Andara, while reverse side is Metatron’s Cube design in Gold Plated Silver.

Metatron’s Cube is a symbol said to represent the journey of energy throughout the universe, as well as balance within the universe.

Made up of all the Platonic Solids, it contains thirteen circles representing the thirteen archangels, with Metatron’s circle is in the centre.

All of the circles are connected by straight lines, representing the intimate interconnection of feminine and masculine.

These delicate and fully reversible pendants have been charged on a Metatron’s Cube grid, and measure 1.5cm diameter.

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Weight 45 g

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