Flower of Life, Lemurian Aqua (PI109)

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Lemurian Aqua, 3.5 cm 

The Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. The Flower of Life starts with the Seed of Life shape: 7 overlapping circles that build outward, forming a flower-like pattern that has been used since ancient times in many cultures around the world.

New Age movements and groups study the Flower of Life and see it as a form of sacred geometry that can be used to achieve enlightenment and understand the deeper spiritual meaning in life. They use the symbol to create new meditation practices and beliefs from it. The oldest known depictions of the Flower of Life were found in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt and date back to at least 6,000 years ago, and recent research has concluded that they could not have been made earlier than 535 BC.

This pretty round pendant measures approximately 3.5cm in diameter, and is individually hand faceted and wrapped with Sterling Silver. The energy is filled with happinesss, joy and love, and they are so peaceful to wear.

They make the perfect gift for yourself, or for someone you love.

Weight 19g

Unveiling Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Connection

Nestled in the enigmatic realm of Lemuria, these aqua-hued Andaras hold the key to unlocking ancient wisdom and connecting with the Lemurian legacy. Lemurian Aqua Andaras resonate with the heart of Gaia, awakening memories of an ancient civilization steeped in spirituality.

As bridges between the heavens and Earth, these crystals facilitate a profound inner journey, rekindling your connection to age-old traditions and the knowledge of Lemuria. They carry the ancient wisdom of our world, offering a multidimensional experience that embraces both the old and the new, aligning with the pure intentions of Lemurian achievement.

These crystals are the beacons of the New Atlanteans, guiding souls on a path of inner transformation and unity consciousness. Through their activations and remembrances, they aim to restore balance and harmony to our world through the power of love.

Let the frequencies of Lemurian Aqua Andaras be your guide as you embark on a journey to unlock the mysteries of Lemuria and contribute to a brighter, harmonious future on Earth.

Appearance varies, from clear aqua to radiant golden hues, reflecting the diverse experiences they offer. Some may evoke memories of mermaids and mermen, enchanting beings associated with the wonders of the sea and the harmony between the human world and the ocean’s mysteries.

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