PI067 Metatrons Cube Pendant Emerald Green

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This stunning silver pendant has a sparkling faceted Green Andara on one side, and the reverse is Metatron’s Cube design in Silver.

The Emerald Green Andara will clear and activate your heart chakra and entire energy field. Relax and feel the minty freshness flow through your body. Allow it to gently energise you as it raises your vibration.


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Metatron’s Cube Pendant, Green   💚💚💚

Allow this Emerald Green Andara to clear and cleanse your Heart Chakra, preparing you for Huge influxes of cosmic unconditional love. Feel the minty freshness!

Metatron’s Cube represents the journey of energy and balance throughout the universe.

Made up of all seven Platonic Solids, the thirteen circles represent the thirteen Archangels. Metatron’s circle is the one in the centre.

All circles are interconnected by straight lines. These represent how the feminine and masculine are so intimately connected.

These delicate and fully reversible pendants have been charged on a Metatron’s Cube grid, with Platonic solids and Andara Merkaba to represent the Archangels.

Pendant measures 1.5cm in diameter.

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Weight 5 g

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