PI060 Aurora Borealis Opalescent White Hand Wrapped Pendant 45 grams

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Aurora Borealis Opalescent White Pendant


Hand wrapped with LOVE in 14K gold filled wire, approx dimensions 7cm x 5cm.

These magnificent pieces radiate LOVE in its finest form.

They hold a certain unique lightness and sparkle like no other, and hold the loving enegy of the Central Sun,with the inner glow of Christed Consciousness.

For these beauties, we believe no words could possibly do them justice, so we ask that you simply gaze at each photo, and FEEL deeply with your heart.  Only then will you understand the beauty and perfection that they are.

Andaras do many different things for each of us, and so we have chosen with this particular range not to add the distraction of words or descriptions of characteristics of the different pieces, and allow that YOU drop into your heart and FEEL what they would do for you.




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Weight 45 g