PI032 Star of David Pendant Shekinah Lilac

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The Star of David 💗💗💗

This striking pendant is perhaps the most loving and  protective type of pendant available to Lightworkers, meditators, and all those who wish to strengthen their aura and shield themselves from unwanted interference, negative environmental energies and negative collective thought forms during this turbulent time of cultural transformation.

Additionally, this piece holds the gentle, loving energy of Shekinah Lilac, one of the most gentle and loving, yet highly spiritual  Andaras available at this time.

This triangular pendants measures 4cm, and has been lovingly hand carved and individually mounted in Sterling Silver. The highly feminine energy energy is filled with happinesss, joy and love, and they are a delight to wear. They come beautifully gift boxed in velvet box.

When these first arrived, I was guided to suggest to new guardians to activate their piece by holding it between both hands in prayer position🙏🏼, the, visualise a large pyramid spinning in a clockwise direction above the head, and an upside down one spinning in an anti-clockwise position from below the feet. Have the spinning pyramids intersect around the body, until they finally form a Merkaba and click definitely into place, with you and the pendant enclosed safely inside.

They make the perfect gift for yourself, or for someone you love.💗💗💗

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