PI039 Radiant Heart 2.5 cm Blue

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Radiant Heart Pendant, 2.5 cm Hexagonal   💙💙💙

The Radiant Heart  pendant enfolds you in the supremely nurturing energy of motherly love whilst gently stirring the memory of your heart’s innate strength and uniqueness. It helps stabilize your emotions while cultivating the inner strength needed to express and release long-hidden feelings, filling you with the deepest sense of peace and tranquility.

The Radiant Heart pendant is a powerful design from the creators of the Flower of Life and Magician Stone pendants, who call it an “evolutionary tool to assist us in expanding our ability to hold and create Unconditional Love, so that we too may ‘crystallize’ the wisdom of the One Heart that unites all life in Love.”

The Radiant Heart pendant resembles a crystal lotus whose myriad flower petals hold and reflect brilliant light, giving the stone the appearance of a kaleidoscope.

These stunning hexagonal pendants measure 3cm diameter, are lovingly hand faceted into the Radiant Heart cut, then individually framed with Sterling Silver. Their energy is filled with peace, happinesss, joy and love, and they are a delight to wear.  They have been charged on a Metatrons’ Cube charging plate, thus embracing and embodying angelic wisdom.

weight 6g

They make the perfect gift for yourself, or for someone you love.đź’śđź’śđź’ś

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