PET007 Pet Basics Gift Set

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Pet Basics Gift Set

This Set contains one 30ml bottle of our Pet Detox drops, and one 30ml bottle of Pet Emergency drops. It is the perfect gift for every fur baby.

 Fur Baby Detox Drops

As with humans, it is important to detox our pets regularly.

Aside from all the chemicals in the vaccines we give our pets, consider what is in some of the food they eat. What about the atmospheric toxins our beloved fur babies come across in their daily lives?

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Fur Baby Emergency Remedy

This remedy has been created for your fur babies who may have issues with stress, anxiety, nervousness, trauma or fear, or for after surgery. These drops can assist with old traumas, and are very soothing for an unsettled pet.

There are so many situations where these drops will come in handy.

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