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Scalar Activated Pet Shampoo 285ml – Pink Bottle

There is no secret that we are dog lovers, so naturally we wanted to make some Scalar Activated Andara Products just for dogs.  Our fur-babies deserve to be as high vibe as their Andara Loving owners.


Shampooch is the perfect pet shampoo, it contains extra lanolin for gentle skin, and the perfume is just divine. Lightly scented with the sweet, sweet perfume of marshmallows! It also contains Baobab, which is added for perfect healthy, soft fur.

Naturally, Pixie, as house model and Andara Whisperer, had to be the first to bath test our new product. She is certainly no fan of bath time – (does it show?). She zooms around bright and energized after the dunking though, just in time to enjoy a little apres-bath treat.

Animals respond very quickly to scalar activated products, flower essences and Andara frequencies.


Just the usual directions for Shampoo….wet hair thoroughly, massage a small amount thoroughly into fur. Rinse and repeat if necessary, for a pooch with the sweetest smelling, softest fur in town.

Your home will even smell delicious for days!

Make certain to rinse thoroughly, then towel or blow dry. As with all shampoos, we recommend keeping it away from eyes. Rinse with cool water if necessary.

Here comes the best part….. reward with a nice, big, healthy treat! (That is Pixies only contribution to the subject.)

Ingredients :  Lots of love, and all natural products. Monatomic Andara, Flower essence, Essential oil, distilled water, Scalar frequency, additional lanolin for delicate skin and soft fur. Coconut oil, and Baobab Oil are also added to promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Shampooch is Scalar Activated to keep your pet’s skin and fur rejuvenated and in perfect health. It raises your dogs vibration, and helps keep your fur baby happy, healthy, and well adjusted.

For more information on Teslas Vibrational Frequencies, please see here:

This product is quite concentrated, so your 500ml pump bottle should last for ages!


Petstimonial about Shampooch from @pixie_wigglebottom

“🦄 It’s no secret Bath Time is my least favourite time.

Every so often mum tricks me into getting into that laundry sink, filled with all manner of stinky sweet smells. She knows I prefer smelling of soil and smelly dog, maybe even a bit of Water Dragon poop.

She rubs and scrubs, and washes me everywhere, then hoses me clean. I have to do a whole lotta shaking after, so she gets the benefit of a good wash as well.

I wasn’t so sure if I would like to smell of Marshmallows….Last time I stole an entire packet of Prosecco Marshmallows mum gave as a Christmas gift and hid them under the couch I didn’t feel too good at all. Lucky for Mum, I threw them all up over her rug, so didn’t need to get my tummy pumped.

Still, the sweet smell kinda brought back memories.”

🐾Pixie W

🦄Andara Whisperer and Unicorn Trainer🦄


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