Opaque Red Andara 24 grams (A302)

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The Opaque Red Andara, reminiscent of the deep hue of a dragon’s essence, carries with it a grounding and nurturing energy that connects directly to the base chakra. In ancient lore, dragons were revered as the keepers and protectors of esoteric wisdom, believed to possess blood with the power to bestow health, vitality, and physical protection.

This crystal embodies the very essence of these mythical creatures, resonating with the timeless wisdom and strength of dragons. As you connect with the Opaque Red Andara, you tap into the dragon’s song within, a mystical and primordial force that stirs deep within your soul. It brings forth a sense of empowerment, protection, and grounding, anchoring you firmly to the Earth’s energies while awakening the latent power within you. This crystal is a reminder that within each of us lies the potential to access and harness ancient, elemental energies for transformation and strength.

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