LBA046 Light Body Activator Altar Piece Green

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Light Body Activator – Alter Piece

Diameter: Approx 9 to 9.5 cm

Weight: Approximately 300-450 grams (shipping weight is up to 550g)

These are all handmade, so sizes and weights will vary. The energy, however, will be the same.

This Andara Light Body Activator has been charged using Teslas Scalar Energy to enhance the Torus field energy that is within us.

It greatly boosts our energy and supports optimum health, whilst negating some of the effect of toxins found in the atmosphere that may be detrimental to our wellbeing.

Scalar energy can allow cells to regenerate, detoxes the body, boosts immunity, and greatly boosts energy levels. It is able to re-charge the cells of the body and provide relief from many aches and pains.

Our quantum Light Body Activators are designed and super-charged to help restore us to ‘Zero Point’, where balance and healing can occur. They surround our physical body with healthy vibrant energy, like a portable battery.

This is the technology of the future.

Scalar energy restores energy that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative fields such as EMF radiation from mobile phones, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances, and many other atmospheric toxins.

Scalar energy in our Light Body Activator will not diminish. In fact, it provides humans with consistent energy forever.

Additionally, being made from Andara, these pendants are capable of projecting  and radiating their positive light field further around the body than any other crystal or man-made substance.

Benefits of having a Light Body Activator Altar Piece may include:

  • Reduced effects of EMF radiation
  • Strengthened resilience to the effects of electromagnetic stress
  • Boosts immunity and moods
  • Increases your energy and stamina
  • Re-chargs the cells of the body
  • Provides relief from many aches and pains
  • Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
  • Relieves the symptoms of jet lag
  • Enhances mental performance and alertness
  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain

Other Ways to Use your Light Body Activator

Aside from using our Light Body Activator on your altar, there are  many ways it may be used beneficially within the home:

  • Place it under your bed as you sleep, and wake refreshed and clear
  • Energize food (raw or cooked), water
  • Leave a Light Body Activator in the refrigerator to keep food fresh for longer
  • Prolong the shelf life of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables
  • Boost the energy and raise the vibration of pets
  • Place underneath skin care bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy: lotions, moisturizers, hair products, shampoos.
  • Can improve balance and stability in older wearers
  • Place on any painful areas
  • Can improve metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Place it on your waist to help increase energy levels, relieve stomach discomfort, improve metabolism and food absorption
  • Place in an aquarium for healthy fish.
  • Use as a table centrepiece

The sky is literally the limit with an Andara Light Body Activator.

Please let us know what has worked for you, we love your feedback, and we love discovering new ways to use our LBA. Tag us on instagram if you take a photo…we love that!

This Altar piece comes with its own USB light to allow it to radiate light and energy throughout your home.

For further information on our Scalar Activated products, please refer to our recent blog post here:

Adjusting to Your Light Body Activator

It may take a couple of days to get used to your Andara Light Body Activator, particularly if unaccustomed to the energy of Andaras. If you feel a little lightheaded, we suggest acclimatising gradually, increasing your exposure time daily. Make sure to drink plenty of pure, energised water.

Caring for your Light Body Activator

Please keep in mind this is an Andara crystal, and, as with any crystal, it may be damaged or shatter if dropped on hard surfaces.

Andaras never hold negative energy, so there is no necessity to smudge, or cleanse or clear. In saying that, there are times Andaras like that sort of attention. Just follow your intuition.

For further information on our Scalar Activated products, please refer to our recent blog post here:

Additional information

Weight 550 g

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