LBA007 Light Body Activator 2.5cm Rainbow

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Light Body Activator

Energize your life with our Light Body Activators! These pendants, charged with Tesla’s Scalar Energy and made from potent Andara crystals, offer a boost to your vitality.

They’re like your personal energy revitalizer, combating EMF radiation effects, enhancing immunity, and relieving discomfort. And there’s so much more you can do with them at home, like energizing your food and improving sleep quality. To learn more about the science behind these wonders, check out our blog post here.

It’s the future of wellness, available today!

Please note these are all handmade, so sizes and weights will vary from 8-15 grams, diameter approximately 2.5cm.

Pendant is shipped in a velvet bag, and comes with a Kangaroo Leather Cord.

Rainbow Andara

Rainbow Andara, a mesmerizing fusion of colors, resonates with all chakras, bringing balance and harmony. This unique gemstone illuminates one’s spiritual journey, radiating a spectrum of transformative energies.

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Weight 100 g

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