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The Total Unity Gift Set

This magical Giftpack combines the aspects of the Threefold Flame Love, Power and Wisdom, which also corresponds with the trinity of the body, mind and soul. We have additionally chosen to work with the Aqua Ray of the Higher Heart when combining these pieces. This particular combination wish to be known as the Three Stones of Total Unity, and is our unique signature Gift Set at Andara Lovers

The flame within the heart is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your opportunity to become one with your Higher Self, whether you call it the Christ, the Buddha, or the Tao. It is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity.

Each Andara has a different message to bring.  They are perfectly wonderful on  their own, and yet the magic really begins when they are combined and the subtleties fully understood.

Balancing Love, Power and Wisdom

What is Wisdom without the Power to use it lovingly? What is Love, without understanding the need to establish suitable boundaries? And what is the point of Power or Wisdom, if there is no Love in your life?

At last we can understand and work with each of these aspects individually, and then combine them in different ways to gain much deeper knowledge and understanding of each  aspect.

Each is needed in equal portions to enable us to become completed sovereign beings.

It’s about the balance

Only when Love, Power and Wisdom are in balance can the threefold flame expand as a whole. And when your threefold flame expands, your spiritual light and power will increase exponentially.

Recent Information from the Andaras

Recently I have been getting additional information for these sets. They suggest that the US Andara works on the Mental Plane and etheric field;  Indonesian is the Emotional Plane, and etheric field ; and the African is the Physical Plane and etheric field.

The Andaras recommend placing the US Seafoam at the third eye, The Indonesian Andara on the Heart Chakra, then move the African Andara to any site of discomfort or pain in the physical body.

This will bring the cause of an issue into consciousness, enable the emotion to be felt and released, and once that is done, the physical healing can begin.

Making the sets

Occasionally when the sets are made up, the Andaras may be slightly different sizes. We are instructed that the balance combined is correct for the new guardian, and that they will only ever appeal to this future guardian.


Special note for the guardian of this set: The county this trinity belongs to is quite balanced with Love and Wisdom, and yet there needs to be much courage exhibited to step into the Power necessary at this time. The African Andaras will all band together and stand behind you to send the courage required, you just need to ask for it when you are ready.This guardian works very much from the heart and from purest of intention.

Contains 3 Monatomic Andaras, custom Meditation oil

AA   72g

A252  64g

AI252  66g

Unity Meditation Oil

Unity Meditation Oil: 

The oil can be used on body, Third eye, chakras.

A drop into the waterways to add unity, a drop on the earth as a blessing, and anointing.

The possibilities are endless, just where the Universe tells you, where, when, what and how…as you know we all just follow what we are instructed by our Higher self.

This oil is activated with Tesla technology, infused with each of the 3 unity Andaras…so each oil is unique to its pack. It also contains essential oil from each of the three countries.

The oil is as potent as the 3 Andara Unity Stones, so if you are out and don’t have your Unity Andaras with you, you can still activate with only the oil.

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