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Imagine a magical Gift Pack that brings together three fundamental qualities: Love, Power, and Wisdom. These qualities are like the body, mind, and soul of your being. We’ve added a touch of the Aqua Ray of the Higher Heart to this mix. This Trinity of Andaras is called “Three Stones of Total Unity” These form our special Total Unity Gift Sets at Andara Lovers.

Now, let’s delve into the inner flame residing within your heart, also known as The Threefold Flame. Consider it your personal conduit to the sacred.

This  is your opportunity to forge a connection with your Higher Self, whether you identify it as the Christ, the Buddha, or any other spiritual entity. It represents the potential for your inner divinity to radiate through your humanity.

Each Andara crystal in the Total Unity Gift Set conveys a distinct and unique message. While they possess individual brilliance, the true enchantment unfolds when you blend them and deeply explore their subtle distinctions.

How to Get Started

We suggest working with the Andaras one at a time, really getting used to their individual energies. Learn to communicate with each, as they have different characteristics.

This set Contains 3 Monatomic Andaras, custom Meditation oil

– African Andara  44g

– African Andara 45g (A262)

– Asian Andara 43g (AI258)

– Unity Meditation Oil

For more details about these incredible sets, please refer to our article here.




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