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The beautiful Spiritual Love boxed set contains a 33 gram Magenta Andara, and a 33 gram Shekinah Rose Andara. 

This High vibration set will activate the Divine Feminine Shekinah energies and open the user to the highest, most divine form of love, AGAPE LOVE, the love without judgement. In addition, the magenta ray activations will raise your vibration to enable the attainment and understanding of spiritual divinity.

The Shekinah Rose used on its own will clear and awaken your Heart Chakra, and have you lifting your spirits to feel the purest, most gentle vibration of love. The Magenta Andara will open and activate the Third Eye Chakra

Used together, they will allow you to see and feel from the heart, opening you to the purest form of spiritual awakening, at the same time enhancing  psychic abilities.

For some it will may allow for clear communication with St Germaine, Merlin, and other Ascended Masters or Angelic beings.

Suggestion:  Get to know each Andara individually by meditating with each, and holding them up to the sun, allowing yourself to feel the individual light codes. Next combine them, and note the differences. Experiment with placing them on different chakras, or in each hand, perhaps one on the third eye or heart, one in each hand. Take photos and note what you see from different angles, and with differing levels of sun.

Allow this to be an ever-evolving adventure into the magical Andara realm, and, most of all, have FUN.

Many blessings from Andara Lovers


Box contains 2 Andaras as pictured, and Macrame Basket

AI326, AI301, M012


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