D039 Dark Green Andara Dragon 382g

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Weight 384g 

Length 10 cm

Height 5 cm

Depth 4.5 cm

Green Andara Dragon

Dragons  Who are they?

Dragons are teachers and leaders. They live in Clans. Females are the leaders of the Clans. Dragons take you to different dimensions in meditation and dream state. Did you know, Dragons are mentioned by name 35 times in the Bible.

Call upon your Dragon when you feel you need help.  Dragons :

  • Always there to help you in any situation;
  • Protect the Leylines on this planet and the intergalactic lines in the cosmos
  • Bringers of change.
  • They are the Gatekeepers of other realms and ancient Wisdom and knowledge.
  • They bring us insights into other Worlds; and
  • They have existed for many eons.

Do not fear them, for they bring clarity and divine instructions from Source.

The Dragons are grouped as follows:

Earth Dragons
  • Protectors of all earthly processes.
  • Guidance to protect Gaia and grid lines
Cosmic Dragons
  • Protectors of the Cosmos
  • Working closely with the Galactic Federation of Light, and all planetary dimensions.
Water Dragons
  • Protectors of Oceans, waterways, Rivers and Lakes.
  • Working with the Whales and Dolphins and other sea creatures






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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 10 cm