D007 Lilac Orgonite Dragon

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💜🐲🐲🐲 “LiL-Ann” 🐲🐲🐲💜

Name :  Lil_AnnA

Born   :  28th July 2020

Gender : Female

Orgonite  Dragon

Alchemy :  Amethyst, Andara, Organite heart and Quartz

Dragon size is approximately 12.1 x 7.6 x 6.5 cm.

LiL-Ann is a stunning Female Lilac Fire Dragon, her colouring dances in the light the lilac fire of source.

She brings to her guardian the vibration of peace, hope and joy. She transmutes density into pure divine love of creation.

Her fire light, brings light to show the way to new pathways to love and peace.


 ORGONITE – What does it do?

The main function of orgonite is to clean stagnant and negative energy. It has been said to have a multitude of possible benefits including  feeling better, physically and spiritually. As energy blockages are healed and the energy around you starts to flow unobstructed, life feels more joyful and harmonious, relationships can improve,  dreams may become vivid, improved sleep, spiritual growth may occur. Orgonite is said to protect from EMFs and purify  the atmosphere.

Orgonite may also have additional benefits depending on the crystal combinations and/or other elements. The orgonite carries the vibration and properties of the Crystals used.


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