Celestial Gold Green Andara 367 grams (A065)

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Celestial Gold, the chosen name for this Monatomic Andara crystal, encapsulates the essence of the heavenly realm. Its title, derived from “celestial,” signifies a connection to the divine, transmuting the essence of “Light of Heaven” at an atomic level. This crystal heralds a transformative shift from a realm of mere reflections to one imbued with radiant light.

Remarkably dynamic, the Celestial Gold Andara exhibits a fascinating play of colors. Its hue evolves, at times displaying a gentle pale gold or green, and then transitioning to a deeper, more profound gold or green. This shifting spectrum mirrors the depth and versatility within, reflecting the multifaceted nature of celestial light and the transformative journey it inspires.

H:  6.5cm.   L:  8cm.   D:  5.5 cm


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Weight 367 g