Spirit Crystal Andara Altar Piece 680g (AI999)

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The beauty of these Andaras transcends the physical, as they seem to have a profound connection with our spiritual needs at this moment. Weighing a mere 19 grams, with dimensions of 4cm in length, 3cm in width, and 2cm in depth, this Andara packs a powerful punch. Drawing insights from the realm of Spirit, they possess the unique ability to sift through the clutter of our lives and discern what is vital for our soul’s growth and evolution.

Their influence extends into the physical realm, particularly in opening and purifying the Third Eye chakra. In a world where many of us find our Third Eye chakras clouded and obstructed, these Andaras act as spiritual cleansers, working their magic on areas such as the jaw, skull, crown, eye sockets, and the physical eyes. The result is a heightened sense of clarity and focus, akin to the brilliance of a flawless diamond. In this way, they guide us towards a path of absolute clarity, ensuring that we can navigate life’s journey with unwavering precision and purpose.

Scalar Activation

Scalar Activation is a process that these entities sought, aiming to amplify their natural capacity to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material realms. They wished to undergo this activation to enhance their potential in terms of clarifying, intensifying, eliminating obstructions, magnifying, harmonizing, and synchronizing the astral and physical planes. The ultimate goal of this activation is to facilitate the unimpeded flow of cosmic love and energy between these realms.

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Weight 680g     L 15cm  W 11cm   D 4cm


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