AI987 Spirit Crystal Andara 18g

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Spirit Crystal Andara

These beautiful Andaras recently called out to let us know they were very much needed at this moment in time.

Weight 18g    L 4.5cm   W 3.5cm   D 1.5cm

Gathering information from Spirit, they bring the ability to screen out and prioritise what is necessary for our evolutionary soul path.

Physically, they open the third eye to allow us to focus with absolute clarity on our chosen path.

For many of us, they say our Third Eye is closed and somewhat murky. These Crystals clear, clean, and open the Third Eye. They can be felt around the jaw, skull, crown, eye sockets, and work on physical eyes as well as the Third Eye.

They bring us Diamond sharp clarity and focus.

Scalar Activation

In addition to their inherent ability to connect spirit to matter, they requested to be Scalar Acivated to accentuate their ability to clarify, focus, unblock, amplify, balance and align the Astral to physical, allowing the Cosmic love to flow.





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