AI964 The Gnomes 27g Set

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 The Gnomes  27g set

One cheeky golden yellow,  one Sapphire blue, packed in a White Velvet Pouch.

The beautiful Andaras in this particular shipment say they resonate very strongly to Woodland energy. This set are the Gnomes, quieter than the Elves, but nevertheless troublesome.  (Think dropping their trousers and mooning)

They hold all the grounded energy of the Forest Kingdom. They are cheeky in a different manner to the Elves – not so much high pitched chatter and laughing. 

They love us to go out into the fresh air, earth ourselves, and enjoy communing with nature. They have us enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth, especially flowers and trees, which they seem to hide behind – popping out to say BOO!!!

They enourage us to take some time out to commune with nature, and feel the earthy, cleansing goodness our earth mother provides.





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Weight 120 g

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