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The Rainbow Serpent  and the new Songlines

These stunning and playful Rainbow Andaras recently formed part of our 2/2/22 Rainbow Serpent Songline Grid, and have been activated with some beautiful energies, including the Solfeggio frequency 396 Hz, which relates to the Base Chakra.

They formed the outline of our Rainbow Serpent grid, which held the deeper coloured Amber and Purple Grid pieces, and some beautiful Amethysts. They surrounded the grid with so much love and joy.

As we meditated with our grid, we noticed that debris from a recent storm that had been washing out with the tide drew near to the rocks beside us.  It then flowed in a snake-like line out to sea.

When we completed our meditation, and the Solfeggio frequency music stopped, we noticed the debris had all gone from near us, and was now well and truly cleared from the creek.

We knew in that instant that the Base Chakra cleansing energy that had been released was being transported  by water to the oceans around the world.

These particular Rainbow Andaras connect the songlines within the earth to the songlines into the galaxies. They connect to the planets and stars, carrying the message of the Rainbow Serpent to the Star People.

They relate especially to Star and Rainbow children.

You can view our post here:

For any of you who already know you have important Gridwork to do, particularly related to Uluru, the Rainbow Serpent, and singing the new songlines, these may be the tools you have been waiting for.

Our Blog Post is written just for you.








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